Friday, May 06, 2011

Fighting More False Flag Terrorism

There is a way to stop the next planned staged event. Very simply, the three piece suited terrorists in Langley, VA have to be shown that they are no longer believed. Their mockingbird television networks must be mocked and ridiculed for their deceptions.

First, a bit about how the enemy has secretly grabbed control of the federal government. They use a formula to constantly gauge how their deceptions are going. For example, they release a lame doctored up birth certificate that mixes old fashion typewriter type with modern computer generated type. They didn't have to do this. Our secret police agencies have the very best people when it comes to doctoring up documents, fibbing with film and in general, faking any evidence they wish. The sad truth of why such a lame forgery was used, perhaps even forgoing just releasing a real legal document, is the agency is checking how many Americans are lame enough to go for it. Apparently a large enough majority have fallen for it to give the oligarchy confidence to spring the next hoax.

The next hoax of course is the Bin Laden death deception. The manipulators wanted to see how many Americans are still duped by the 9/11 fable. Apparently quite a few in the Washington, DC area as the streets around the White House were filled with revelers after the announcement of Bin Laden's demise. They chanted, "USA, USA, USA!" Most were young and obviously had not given much thought to the facts such as a military draft that will send many of them off to foreign lands to fight boogie men manufactured by manipulators. The agency was just checking again getting a count on the dupes.

There is another reason the networks have pounded us repeatedly with these dead Bin Laden information bombs besides taking a barometer reading of the ignorant. In addition this story lays the ground work for the next false flag attack. A successful false flag attack depends on both ignorance and emotion. It is vital before even thinking about pulling off the next false flag attack to be certain that most Americans remain duped of course. But the actual attack must be blamed on an enemy like Pakistan which has fallen out of favor with the CIA for protesting about the droning of their citizens to death) The manipulators must trigger the reptilian brain within us all to be filled with emotion and empty of all logic. You see amigos, when you are filled with rage, fear, hopelessness, etc. - the thinking part of your brain completely shuts down. That's how we've managed to survive these millions of years on the earth from such dangers as lions, tigers and bears - oh my! There was very little time for analysis. When confronted by these real dangers people had to fight, run away or die. Most of our ancestors made the best choices as here we are while many of the beasts that preyed on us are now endangered or no longer with us.

The manipulators understand these human traits and use them against us. It's just that we are not completely stupid so our brains must be softened up a bit with some pre-programming. So if the traitors just launched an attack out of the blue on a subway using radiological material the people might asked unwanted questions. Before stabbing us in the back again the snakes have to launch the Bin Laden death hoax followed by word that this crazy terrorist wanted to bomb subways and train stations with dirty bombs. This of course is repeated constantly over the mockingbird networks prompting Homeland Security to deploy naked scanners and groping G-men in the rail stations. Then either the people accept these new abominations or they protest. If they protest, not that the whole hoax is a pile of malarkey but that the security steps make them uncomfortable, then the vile scum go live with the false flag attack.

When they begin the attack they have all the local and national security stand down like on 9/11 explaining that it is only a drill. Later, when officials have questions the perpetrators simply give out medals for bravery and those who still have questions commit suicide by proxy. So as long as Americans passively accept new restrictions and continue to behave as a herd of sheep then there is no reason to go live with the next attack. But Americans are not cooperating with the gropers and the federal cheesecake factory taking the snapshots of us completely naked then storing it digitally for our future identification.

So some unlucky Americans will need to be gassed or irradiated in the subways to teach the rest of us a lesson about doing what the traitors advise would be good for us to do for our own safety. My hope is that if Americans are to die in another false flag attack that they be members of the media, their family members and friends. The networks are co-conspirators in this treason and it's fitting that their loved ones be the victims this time. But that won't be too likely as many will receive a heads-up before the next event as was the case with 9/11.

The answer to this treason is to wise up and send the traitors a message. Pick a date and refuse to use mass transit. Go on strike against another false flag attack. REMEMBER THE MAINE! This was the first false flag event of the 20th Century and it worked beautifully. Pearl Harbor was an example of the first use of the stand down order. The evidence is clear that America in the early 1940's had the stupidest people ever protecting us militarily or more likely the White House had already decided for us that WWII would be in our best interest and let the Japanese attack us. I could go on about all of the false flag attacks thus far successfully pulled off by our government and others. The governments have a gentleman's agreement not to tattle on each others false flag operations because they all do them. The only way to stop the next attack is to prosecute the previous ones and punish the guilty. As long as the majority continues to believe the networks and traitors within the halls of government then the next attack will go forward and Americans will die in large numbers. Worse yet the scapegoats for the attack may be Pakistan leading to WWIII or it could be blamed on domestic terrorism by Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, gun owners. etc. Then there would be a roundup and persecution of the targeted group. You don't want to be in that group amigos.


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

The sadly truthful facts of "Life in These United States" are that the nation that for long has claimed to be the leader of the "free world" has not been free at all, at least not as compared to the post revolutionary period that began with the independence of the thirteen colonies and ended at the conclusion of the Civil War or War of Northern Agression (against the southern States.)

Tomás, the term that you coined years ago to describe the perceived "freedom" that is the fluctuating norm in this country is correct, I'm referring to "free range slavery" as you call it, in my opinion it is as such in some States of the Union and in some other States it could be called "free range servitude," regardless of which one applies given geographical locations, the fact is that most of the nation is a de facto police state, much more so since 9/11/2001, but even before that tragic day it was as such.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Yes amigo it's a sad state of affairs.

6:05 PM  

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