Saturday, May 07, 2011

Here's Some In SITE

When you hear news of Al Qaeda threatening America, many time it is brought to you from an organization known as SITE. But they are a CIA front group with the traitors operating from within our secret police agencies. In the video below Paul Watson aptly explains how these info-chiselers have been caught in the past as disinformation tools of the agency rogues. Videos embed certain information on the tape and this organization was caught with embedded information from their recording device on a supposed Al Qaeda tape, not from two separate video recorders.

Here is something else to think about amigos. If the rogues running this operation to dupe the American people are this stupid tactically speaking, how well do you think they're doing with the Chinese and other adversarial governments and groups? The reality is all these crooks are worried about is saving their own asses from the American people should they ever wake up to this treason. As far as dangers go it is not the Russians, Chinese, mafia's, etc. that keep the rogues up at night. In fact they would love to stir up a hornet's nest of nuclear troubles that will get you and I vaporized while they have slithered away to their nice bomb shelters.

This scum fears the American people! And they damn well should because their treason has escaped like a genie out of the bottle. Good luck stuffing it back in traitors. While these genesis's are having a knife fight with us in the name of Al Qaeda, the other nations of the world are packing economic pistols. We are in an economic fight for our lives with these bozos running the show. The longer these rogues remain the more doomed we are.


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