Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Message To MSM: We've Moved On

Keep talking you dumb son of a bitches. Forgive me for appearing to assume you are all males and that your mother's are all dogs. I realize that many women work for the television network hoax machines too and I have to believe that even by chance some of you must have decent mothers who are not bitches at all bearing no responsibility for your reprehensible behavior. It's an expression. I use it on you to degrade and damage you personally. It's my only weapon but I hope to talk you to death.

You opinionators disguised as journalists have to realize that we are on to your scam and see how it damages our friends and family members. You have trillions of dollars, the government, your interpretation of the Constitution, the military, the secret and regular police and absolute control over the airwaves on your side - for the time being. All I can do is insult you and speak the truth about your bad unprincipled behavior.

The Bin Laden hoax really was the last straw. From here forward anyone with a brain not heavily "aspartamed" or otherwise poisoned and passivized by foisted pharmaceutical elixirs will be getting the news over the internet from trusted web sites like INFORWARS.COM. Trust is the one commodity that is not present on ANY of the networks. Americans are learning the hard way that we must be grown-ups instead of the children of TV. We're not going to be your dumb bastards ever again.

Sorry to break the "NEWS" to you but I don't expect you to admit the obvious over the television networks. It's fortunate that you have so many dumb asses taking the airwaves for you spewing such ridiculous nonsense. There's no way in hell the top executives could pull off such deceptions with a straight face. Just be glad for the Katie Curic's and Wolf Blitzer's of the world who are so stupid they actually believe the drivel they drone on about 24/7.

There is no doubt that the networks are finished. The only question I have is will they take America down with them?


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

Even the local "news" outlets have become so full of B.S. indoctrination and editorialization of actual news, that it is somewhat understandable -- though not acceptable -- that the average John/Jane Q Public (especially in urban areas) is convinced he/she knows what is taking place at any given time based on what they see and hear from the "news media" and do not bother to even consider the possibility that what they are being told is news is actually editorialized indoctrination, the least capable and willing to think outside the box the population becomes, the more readily it is to accept anything without question, as long as it fits what they have been indoctrinated to consider the norm.

Thank God for the folks in "fly-over-country" most of whom remain independent minded, the closer one gets to the coastal areas the more imbecility one experiences, if this situation is not soon remedied a fracturing of the country will become inevitable, which is exactly what the enemies of American principles of individual freedoms would love to see.

P.S. Tomás, I sent you an eMail yesterday from my BlackBerry, you were not the only intended recipient, I have received replies from most of the folks I sent it to, but I have not yet received your reply, I know you're busy so consider this note an FYI in case your Yahoo Spam filter snagged it, or if you did not recognize me (nwkewr) as the sender.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

"Editorialized Indoctrination" That's a good one amigo. You are right. News is either opinion or announcements of the new hit TV series and what will happen on tonight's "exiting" show.

I got your email but I have been a bit busy as you know my family's propensity to destroy their cars. I'm finishing up on the rebuild of my wife's engine. There are hundred of things you have to remember to complete or bye bye car. I forgot one small intake gasket and to properly torque the piston rods. So I had to pull it apart again to mend that but today if all goes well I'll put the oil pan back on and see if she fires up. All signs appear positive.

4:33 AM  

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