Monday, January 03, 2011

Why Centralized Power Is A Bad Thing

Centralized power is not a good way to do things for a number of reasons. Sure everybody in the politosphere concentrates on the incompetence generated when orders have to come from way over there in places like Washington or Moscow and be implemented here and there for local needs. The real danger with centralized power however is when corruption creeps in and so far it always has done so.

First please realize corruption exists and here is the basic dynamics of this underhandedness. Most people are like you and I. We have families and friends and neighbors and they are important relationships that we spend a great deal of our time cultivating. Sadly, there has always been a small percentage of people who for what ever reason could never develop these normal human bonds that comfort the rest of us. These kind of people only feel their own pain and are completely absent of emotion for the pain of others. Some even get a sick joy out of torturing others. These people naturally gravitate to the centers of power. It's why Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany and not Albert Einstein.

When corrupted people are in power over any decision the outcome will always favor the corrupted people in power. A good example is this ridiculously named "Food Safety" bill just passed by the most corrupt Congress in our history and that's saying something too! It is worded to give control of all our food production and distribution right down to our vegetable gardens out back to the central government of Washington, DC. It came about as corrupt bills generally do by the corrupter, Archer Daniel Midland, Monsanto, etc., actually writing the bill then ponying up a few million campaign contributions which they give along with their legislation to the Congressional corruptees. The Congress gets the contribution loot and those who will starve us rather than permit us to get food anywhere legally but from them, shall get their corrupt "Food Safety" law.

As with all the corrupt government granted monopolies over our water, transportation, electric, etc., the services suck, the products are inferior and the costs too dear where freedom and honest competition would deliver us so much more. But things get worse. The occupation government in DC is overseeing big pharma and from the looks of things big pharma plans include making us sick so they have plenty of customers dieing for their products. These corruptions run deep and all lead to one outcome. This same occupation government has fooled most people and lured them with federal promises like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, bank deposit insurance, etc. which mathematically are impossible to deliver. When people discover they have been cheated by a corrupt government they normally become angry and often violent.

So it really makes sense to those in power to permit us to be starved and poisoned into an early grave rather than to stay among the living. I'm ready to prosecute these corrupted federal officials right now and all of their accomplices but first the rest of you have to stop worshiping them like they are Gods. Before they kill more of you off you better do some research into what these snakes say is okay to put into your mouth. Better yet look into what they've been feeding your brain.

I ask you again, amigos. Please wise up now or go to a most unpleasant centrally planned early grave. Stay among the living and help me dethrone the ones committing murder for money.


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