Thursday, January 06, 2011

Anderson Cooper - Big Pharma Shill

CNN's pretty boy CIA asset was doing his darn tooten best to shill for the pharmaceutical industry wing of the oligarchy this morning. The fact is this CNN hit piece attacking the author of a study claiming Autism is caused by vaccines was so blatant in smearing this doctor that I was force to deploy the mute button on Anderson. That's the great equalizer in the information war against the American people by unamerican dogs like Anderson Cooper. The mute button is totally effective for defusing this enemy network info bomber.

But even though it is obvious that many Americans are wising up to big pharma's agenda of making us sick so we'll give their snake oil remedies a whirl, more need to follow suit and shut Anderson up. Why?

The reason is because the enemy networks are pushing this vaccine business so hard on us this year with their big sales pitches on a number of fronts that it troubles me. I just love the one where in an advert made to appear like a television interview of the man on the street, the naive looking interviewee is asked if he had a flu shot yet. Then the man goes about acting real stupid to convey the idea that if you don't get the shot then you have to be stupid like this guy. Then big pharma follows up with Anderson pretending to be a journalist. In fact it appears the entire CNN morning news will be about vaccines complete with shilling Dr. Samjay putting an innocent looking face on the propaganda.

These recent information salvos lobbed at the American people, many of which who still remain duped by the enemy networks and big pharma and the other traitors, is as intense a bombardment of propaganda as I can recall. I fear this year these filthy unamerican snakes will launch a bio attack using vaccines. The mandemic (a man made pandemic) is the best way to finish us off as a free country. For over a century now Americans have submitted themselves to increasingly serf like treatment by the rulers but we have done so out of false patriotism and the notion that we would be cared for with programs like Social Security and Medicare. But the crooks in high places have already spent that loot leaving nothing to pay for the obligations coming due to the baby boomers. So what do you do with tens of millions of baby boomers when you have squandered all that was taken from them for their old age pension?

The answer is to murder us in such a fashion as it appears like an act of nature. Better yet, if millions of older people are infected and dying left and right it will create a perfect storm of chaos. Chaos is the camouflage that governments deploy to control their own population when the leaders are corrupted and controlled by foreigners. They can even target the segments of the population to be eliminated. Inner city clinics, old folks homes, etc, will be sent the deadly vaccine while other Americans not targeted will get the regular vaccine that does nothing including preventing the flu. But if this was their plan it must be backfiring because of the waves of enemy network propaganda being deployed. Perhaps enough Americans are getting the message and not getting the flu shot. Lets hope I look up to my muted TV again and see Anderson is still shilling away for big pharma. They must be terrified Americans will wake up and rise up to crush the traitors before they can murder us.

But for God's sake please stop listening to theses enemy television networks. They are mostly dupes controlled by traitors.


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