Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Food Poison

The oligarchy has approved a new toxin for our food designed to send us to an early grave once they have squeezed the labor out of our younger years. It's called neotame and is so toxic it's not listed on food labels even for processed organic food. It makes food taste sweet.

Your momma already told you not to take sweets from strangers and they don't come much stranger than the apparatchiks committing treason for the even stranger elite rulers of the oligarchy.

But this is really helpful for fighting back against the filthy scum. You see what this means is you cannot trust any food not produced locally and even better by your own hands in your own garden. So you can keep eating this store bought global new world order food designed to give you the most horrible cancers and other diseases and die young or you can stop eating this toxic swill, live longer healthier lives and help bankrupt the global corporate and banking elite at the same time. Never trust Monsanto, Archer Daniel Midlands and other multinationals to provide anything you would put in your mouth. Spread he word before another loved one is murdered.


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