Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I Automatically Believe Nothing

That is what official deceit has sowed firmly into my being. I believe nothing except under very narrow conditions.

I started out just like everybody else. I was an innocent babe in the woods - a rube. However I'm not stupid. The two main pillars of my misplaced trust were the media and the government. They were the unchallenged representatives of God on earth, each rooting out evil and standing up for the American way - which of course was all about liberty and being prosperous as a result.

It never occurred to me that the networks and national newspapers were not independent from the government. I saw many instances where the media was uncovering government corruption so I assumed no collusion between my two pillars of trust. I finally realized the biggest lie meant government and old guard media were actually working together to fool the public. It caused me to look backwards and learn all the history of the past half century that was really important was a pack of lies as well broadcast and printed to trick me and the American public. The biggest lie hangs in the air everyday once any individual realizes the truth. It means yesterday's blind trust in the twin pillars is gone. When the biggest lie surfaced from there forward I have had to develop veracity devices and procedures.

The best information for me is if I see it live in person. Then don't bother telling me to ignore my lying eyes. After that I employ sources that I trust who have always proved reliable. That does not include network media or national newspapers or magazines. All of them have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they have been corrupted and they deliver just enough truth only to conceal their lies.

I'll give an example. Currently, the networks are running stories about bombs blowing up over there in Europe and they claim it is anarchists and Islamic terrorists too perhaps. But my research has uncovered Project Gladio where it was actually the CIA bombing and blaming the Red Brigade - the Commie al Qaeda of yesteryear. The same media then as now does the reporting and all the same players or their appointed heirs are still in charge in the various governments in America and Europe. So when these same players are pissing down my legs with the same government bombs and psychological-ops stories while telling me it's raining Muslim radicals and anarchists I can't believe any of it. Sorry...it's what liars reap.

Today I only believe information brought to me by trusted individuals like Ron Earnest Paul. He has always proven himself honest and pure in his motivation. I have friends that I trust. I trust my family but not for reliable current information. Except for my wife and kids, the rest of my family for the most part like so many Americans are still completely or at least functionally duped by the media and government. They are starting to wake up but they still believe the nonsense that some portions of the government and media are good and that they are fighting the others parts that are evil. They are suspicious but do not see the collusion between the fake left and the fake right in media and government which the biggest lie exposes as nonsense.

If all this analysis seems like a lot of work you'd be correct. Like everybody I'm just trying to hedge my bets by trying to see into the future so I can make rational choices. I agree it would just be easier to watch the news and take it for granted. But I watch the news and ask "Why do they want me to believe that?"


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