Saturday, August 18, 2012

Debtors' Prison Mentality

We are in a whirlpool of tyranny. While we were still on the edges of this social cancer that has effected all previous nations sooner or later, changes were small and incremental. But now as we all get closer to the center of the tyranny tornado abominations are flying by everybody faster than we can keep count. The reason is we Americans have allowed ourselves to be reined in by Soviet styled committees, each of which has its own sphere of responsibility and oversight over the individual. The way it was installed was lawmakers one by one gave away our free choice decision making powers to committees of do good busy-bodies. Everything from toilet choices to rainwater collection bans are the norm for these little red ass'ed tyrants to patrol and regulate. We formerly free Americans now have to beg permission even to protest, which the Courts say can be regulated to force enslaved Americans into free speech zone to complain. Otherwise keep you thoughts to yourself or get your ass kicked and thrown into jail. Each political prince and princess over the various aspects of our lives believes they have a moral authority to mind our affairs and tell us how to run our businesses and families. The penalties for disobedience to the oppressors is cruel and counter productive.

For example, a neighbor was telling me that his licence to drive a car will soon be suspended for owing back taxes to the state. This will drastically reduce his options to find a job and pay the back taxes. In essence he is in a modern form of free range slave debtor's prison. Either pay up or have your ability to earn wealth crippled by the government. But the truth is government has no right to steal the wages of individuals any more so than a street criminal. On top of that driving IS a right and not merely a privilege. Only commercial driving was meant to be licenced but the government has bent and broken so many of its own laws as well as the spirit and letter of the Constitution that now they can get away with doing any damn thing they choose. The presstitute media will only broadcast what this corrupt out of control bureaucracy wants aired or they lose their right to broadcast and even their lives when the rogues at the top see fit to do so. Some many still find it difficult to fathom but this Roman house of crazy, greedy, nuts running the show has the absolute belief that they have the moral authority to murder any one of us if in their opinion it is necessary.

We're in the collapse stage now. This is where all of the myriad of prince and princely demands place upon the modern serf grow more numerous and oppressive by the hour. Even if a particular activity may be legal if you fail to beg permission from the appropriate overlord of that individual choice you most likely will be paying more dollars as punishment. Therein lies the problem. Millions of bureaucrats have been unleashed upon the formerly free United States of America to basically steal money for failure to comply with increasingly complex rules and regulations that somehow always favor the big corporations and crush mom and pop outfits. This fondness for stealing our things is rampant. So much so that the government plans to let the big banks steal the rest of our money. The Courts have legalized this now that Corzine has gotten away with the MF Global heist. The scum at the top will soon start shooting Americans in the streets who complain about their money being stolen.


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