Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Staged Event?

I didn't require another reason not to go to the movies. Mind you, I come from an era where you had to go to the movies. There were no VCRs, DVDs or cable. You had to line up with your date then get squished into a packed theater.

Today if you go to the movies you will pay like twelve bucks for popcorn and five bucks for a drink. Forget about the price of the tickets. You will be surrounded at the theater mostly by dupes neutered into believing the government will keep everybody safe. However, it is obvious the government cannot keep you safe and in fact stages most of these mass killings to keep you sheep out there in the crowd acting like ignorant cowards.

As for me I take the route of least resistance. I don't go to movies and avoid going out in public as much as possible - not for fear of being shot. I have too many grown up things to do to engage in fantasy nonsense like batman. GIVE ME A BREAK! Even so I don't like being a sitting duck either.

What is required for Americans to be safe would be for the law abiding to pack a side arm. Nothing would make me feel more safe than to see people in every direction with a gun in their holster. Sadly, instead these terrorist acts are staged to convince the majority of aspartamed idiots that we should obey our non elected UN overlords and just turn in our guns to be safe. For those supporters of the UN gun grabbing treaty like Obama this massacre could not have happened at a more opportune time.

The reality of this latest Colorado shooting is it was staged by the usual rogues in the FBI, ATF, CIA and the other alphabet soup of traitors. The dupe who is being blamed for these murders supposedly kicked in the back door of the theater before opening fire. You dupes never considered the fact that theater doors ALWAYS open outward and cannot be kicked in. Usually a team of shooters are used in these situations made up of the most vile disgusting scum imaginable - the type of filth that would shoot a baby. Finally, the patsy is wheeled in doped out of his mind and arrested as the lone Oswald type nut. To ice this treason cake the same federal rogues get to investigate their own crimes. Their Conclusion? The patsy done it.


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