Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cuban Exile Alert

By now many Cubans know they have seen this act before with Castro. In fact this nonsense has been going on since the days of my great grandfather and before. In a nutshell, in the beginning the biggest and strongest ruled. Next religious oligarchies combined with these strongmen ruling supposedly with God's blessings. The people grew wise to this operation and fled to America to set up a nation that, at least in principle, allowed all an equal opportunity under the idea of individual liberty.

However, at this very same time a new oligarchy of banking and industrialist families were coming to power through their monopolies over goods and the supply of money. These financial oligarchs set about doing something the church and strongmen dreamed about but always failed at miserably - ruling the world. These banking crime families began implementing a multi-generational plan to take over the world through stealth. The plan was to use their fiat money to buy politicians, publications followed by radio then TV to establish world control.

Here's one example of how the bankers operate. My great grandfather late one night was going over the legal papers that would detail the financing of a railroad in Cuba. He came to one line item for one million dollars but could not for the life of him understand what it was for. As president he was buying a railroad for the Cuban people and wanted the best deal possible. So he had his aid go to the hotel to rouse the big wig banker out of bed at 2 AM in the morning to explain this one million bucks American. The banker was pleased to tell my great grandfather, "Why mister president...that money is for you, sir." To which my great grandfather replied sternly, "Take it out! I get a salary." That was about ten grand a year with few benefits but Don Tomas knew at the end of the day that the million bucks, an astronomical sum in that day, would be paid for by the Cuban people.

This and other behavior by my great grandfather signaled to the American and European banking oligarchs that Don Tomas would side with the interests of the Cuban people and not the bankers. Naturally, this meant he had to go and the bankers set about sowing chaos to undermine the Estrada-Palma administration. My great grandfather by this time was an old man only a couple years away from his death and had no idea how far the tentacles of the banking clans ran into Cuba. Remember, they had already foisted the Treaty of Paris onto the Cuban people robbing them of the land but granting them independence. Don Tomas knew he was tired of fighting and took offense at being accused of improprieties to become president. In essence he said if you think I'd cheat to become president you can take this job and shove it, then resigned.

The American government, which was not yet under the total control of the banking oligarchs like today, naturally wanted my great grandfather to stay but he refused pleas from the White House to remain in office. The bankers got what they wanted which was Don Tomas out of office. From there onward every politicians in Cuba right up to Fidel has been bought and sold by the foreign bankers. At the same time the same thing was happening in America but more slowly. In Cuba Castro appears to have double crossed the banking oligarchs but more likely the banking oligarchs know that they will snatch Cuba in the long run and use Castro and Cuba at least in the past in their plans to gain order out of chaos.

My point to the million Cuban exiles is the American people are getting railroaded just like they tried with my great grandfather. The American government is filled with greedy, sociopaths and blackmailed politicians who have no choice now but to do as the banking oligarchs demand. What are the banking oligarchs demanding of these traitors? Why the same damn thing as in the early days of Cuba just after independence - chaos in the streets. Currently the bankers are using their assets to murder innocent Americans but they blame the attacks on patsies set up to take the fall. Whether it's Aurora, this latest Sikh Temple shooting, the shooting in Arizona of Congressman Gifford which included the real target - a judge investigating fast and furious treason - all of these were staged to sow chaos.

I realize it seems nutty to the average aspartamed American to sow chaos but I'm hoping the exile community will hear my plea. I pray that when they stop and think about it they will see what has been going on has already happen to Cubans once before. Then they will drop this blind support for the Republican leadership because they work for the same team as the Democrat leadership - the banking oligarchs. Hopefully this might lead to a million disciples of liberty to warn the rest of America to put down that diet soda and other toxins meant to degrade their thinking and hold tight to those guns. Guns are all that's between the American people and the banking oligarchs' traitorous, corrupt leadership within the American government. They have assumed if they murder enough innocent people, blame it on patsies belonging to groups which the invaders wish to demonize then the American people will demand that all private individuals be disarmed and made defenseless.

Do any of you Cuban exiles wish to be defenseless against any government ever again? If not you better quit being dupes for the networks including FOX and the Republican leadership. Wise up to the big picture and sound the alarm. Please remember the "wall" again awaits those foolish enough to trust any government with all the guns. I've even hear some of the banking oligarchs' minions stating that those who do not believe in man-made global warming should be executed. Only fools and idiots would disarm unilaterally while at the very same time the ATF is handing out free guns and grenades to drug gangs.


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