Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Protect Politicians Breaking Laws

I had this bitch girlfriend when I was younger. There were a myriad avenues upon which we could travel to have an argument. One such argument was about as stupid as it gets.

She was insisting that if you suspected it was a cop you might be selling drugs to all you have to do was demand to know if he was a cop and he had to answer truthfully or none of the evidence would be admissible in Court. I told her that was stupid nonsense. We argued about this ridiculous supposition until I recalled that her friend Bessie was the daughter of the county police chief. I called her number and as fate would have it Bessie's dad answered saying he was sorry but Bessie was not in. I explained it was he that I wished to speak with and relayed the argument that I was having with my girlfriend. To which he immediately replied, "The better liar the better the cop."

I said I would put my girlfriend on the phone and would he be so kind as to repeat the answer to her? I handed the phone to her, he gave her the low down, they hung up and she didn't speak to me for a week for being a smart ass.

As stupid as her assertion was, this is exactly the privilege that the cops, politicians and other government officials possess in the modern world. They of course can still spy on us and use it as evidence against us in Court if they wish to bother with that formality at all rather than sending us directly to jail. However, unless we tell the criminal officials that we are recording them, not only can't we use the tape to put the politician in jail, we go to jail for recording the evidence of a crime!

How much longer are we supposed to allow these crooks to be shielded by such legal nonsense while they beat the shield over our heads?


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