Thursday, August 09, 2012

Where's Wikileaks.

Have you noticed how Wikileaks has vanished? Today it is obvious that Wikileaks is a CIA/Mossad/MI6 operation. I knew instantly that Wikileaks was controlled opposition when Julian Assange asserted that 9/11 was a fake conspiracy. Millions of others who have looked into the truth of the 9/11 treason also realized that Wikileaks was BS. Essentially, Assange was saying that the laws of gravity are variable. They would have to be so if the three towers could actually crash through themselves at the speed a rock free falls without the aid of timed explosives to sever the supporting steel structure. Put simply, Newton's apple cannot fall freely just as fast as another apple that is hitting the tree branches on the way down to the ground. However, this is what the network media, the government and Wikileaks all assert. That 9/11 was an act of treason committed by vile scum working in the upper echelons of the government is so obvious that the only way the filth has thus far gotten away with their crime of the millennium is so many Americans are dumber than a rock about this basic eighth grade science.

The biggest problem that faces the traitors who have commandeered the American government is this scum is still using 1950's disinformation tactics on an increasing number of Americans who know the truth. Currently almost no one believes a word from government sources. It's true probably a majority still don't know what to think but they no longer trust the American government run by traitors. The traitors are beside themselves walking a tightrope to maintain the conspiracy as they continue to murder Americans with false flag staged events designed to create fear and a call for more government controls over formerly free Americans. Those Americans are just beginning to realize that the more freedoms we lose the poorer we get while the rich traitors only get richer.

One thing is for certain, if the American public in mass were ever to wake up and come to the conclusion that 9/11 was the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world perpetrated by those who were supposed to protect us, I believe the traitors would never make it to trial. Even though I feel this unamerican scum deserves a trial which this filth wish to deny the average American, the mob of crazed Americans will be so angry they will kill these criminals in the streets like dogs.

So now you see why the criminals at the top continue to false flag murder Americans and commit other atrocities such as the recent mass shootings. Their lives depend on it.


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