Monday, August 06, 2012

The Traitor's Next Move

I'll bet the scum at the top will create a new fake domestic terror group of libertarians, constitutionalists, gun owners, etc. These domestalqaeda will be introduced to Americans very soon with huge, multi IED bombing attacks that may kill thousands.

This staged attack will permit the traitors at the top to take the police state to the next level as they search for bombs. During these searches any guns that turning up will be confiscated. Depending on how believable this attack is, the top scum may even go for the semi automatic gun ban. What should we do?

Spread the word before the traitors can pull this one off. The biggest target will be shopping malls. Simultaneous attacks in malls could kill thousands so don't go there to shop. If you absolutely have to go to the mall don't go at peak hours when the federal bombers plan to get the highest kill numbers. Shop at mom and pop stores not located in large shopping areas. You'll help the local economy too. Remember, because of the crashing economy the malls will be empty this holiday season anyway so these attacks will give a plausible reason for the drop in customers.

As for local police, most of you are not in on the schemes of the federal traitors or their locally installed minion leadership. If the scum are successful and thousands are murdered you can believe those numbers will include police and their family members. This attack must happen before the election for obvious reasons. So if any police read this message please spread the word. Stay alert for out of the ordinary workers doing things in areas of the mall not usually accessible to the public such at rooftops or basement and elevator shafts. Mall security should sweep these areas regularly whether or not your superiors tell you to do so. If your superiors tell you not to check these areas then you really have to be suspicious and take action. The mall owners are most likely in on the plot and will be rewarded financially at a later date in a myriad of ways.

Everybody spread the word now. An attack is imminent.


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