Friday, July 20, 2012

The Banksters Who Ruined Cuba

Cubans should look back at the Treaty of Paris to understand why they live in misery today. Rothschild and the bankster class foisted this poison pill treaty onto Cuba that gave whomever had possession of the land when hostilities ceased the outright ownership of that land. This gave outright ownership of Cuba to Spanish aristocracy and other foreign big industrialists while giving individual Cubans freedom from Spain. Big whup!

This traded one form of servitude for another. However, Cubans everywhere need to look deeper to understand the cabal and what they have pulled off in Cuba. The Cuban model is what the bankers are now doing to the remaining western world. You see amigos these are the same bankers who funded Castro's rise to power and applauded his every move with the corrupt western press. This is not about making money and that is why Cubans and people everywhere don't understand the nature of the beasts that rule over us. Obama is now our Castro and I do not believe he will go quietly into retirement. Power is what the banking class desires and they have a plan that works over and over again as in Cuba. After the banksters caused the problem letting the thieves keep the land they stole during the independence struggle from Spain, they funded the fake opposition which in Cuba's case is Castro and the so called revolution. The revolution was always doomed to fail and eventually lead to chaos and mass death so the banksters can foist some international technocrats to rule over us in their global government.

My fellow Cubans I feel for you but I really feel sorry for the exiles who thought they escaped to freedom. If I'm correct and Obama is our Castro the banksters will use him to take America down until each of us is as poor as you Cubans on the island. Sadly, most Cubans and people in general think the buck stops at Obama and the peso at Castro's desk. They are middle management who follow orders.


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