Sunday, June 03, 2012

What The Elites Don't Know

Bilderburg doesn't exist. Well, that's what crack reporter Lawrence O'Donnell of CNN asserts. Sadly, Larry isn't really a reporter, but a corporate, elite crime family shill. Now Luke Rudkowski, there's a reporter. Luke really makes Larry look stupid interviewing him though Larry isn't dumb - he's acting stupid. As far as actors go, Larry does a fairly believable job playing the stupid role. But the world moves so fast these days. Lies and ignorant assertions like the ones Larry makes while being interviewed by Luke Rudkowski last year may have seemed clever at the time. How stupid does his claim that Bilderburg doesn't exist appear now or that they have no power if they did exist? Even the CIA's main propaganda newspaper the mockingbird Washington Post finally wrote a Bilderburg blurb. After assuring us that Bilderburg wasn't real for decades this is what Annie Gowen of the Washington Post now claims. Well gee wiz Annie. Thanks for the scoop. You must be new to the news hound biz so allow me to give you some advice. The rag you write for has refused to acknowledge Bilderburg existed for decades, even though your boss Donnie Graham is a regular attendee. Therefore, your headline should have been, "FLASH! BILDERBURG IS REAL!"

What I've come to believe is newspapers like the Washington Post and networks like CNN and all the rest bring us all the news that doesn't matter. They are either telling us everything we don't need to know or like Annie they draw smiley faces in the pile of crap they are finally reporting on.

I must assert that all of the attendees of Bilderburg, whether they be Donnie Graham, Heinz Kissinger or Queen Beatrice - they are all a bit nutty. You see while you and I were mixing it up at school dealing with life, they were sheltered. While we were swinging fists to defend ourselves they had body guards. While we dealt with life's disappointments they got pretty much everything they wanted.

But mostly, what these elites missed out on is meeting most of the rest of you. Naturally, I want nothing to do with selfish, psychopathic, nutty people like the elites. What I have found living among the other peasants is most folks are nice and family oriented just like me and my peasant kin. Regular people are fun to be with and quite often outrageously funny. But you can see people like Larry the CNN cable news guy is stiffer than a board around us peasants. He has disdain for the little people. You can see it in the sneer he has trouble hiding. The higher up the elite society ladder the less these snobs are able to interact with the rest of us. They never learned how and are socially retarded though many of the upper crusts are very intelligent otherwise. Sadly, they are dumb as rocks about people who they see as things to be used for their gratification. The walls they have constructed around themselves has prevented them from seeing the worth of everyone in the grand scheme as well as rendered them emotionally cripple.

The elites wish to control us even though they really don't even know us. Instead, they make assumptions about us from their crazy perspectives. It is why they will fail and businesses like CNN will crash and burn. When they start to topple I'd like to give them a little shove on their way.


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