Saturday, March 24, 2012

The New Enlightenment

This is the best time for me to be living compared to the rest of my life. About forty years ago I realized things in America were not like they were being portrayed on television. I had been schooled to believe that Americans were lucky because we were free. The more I examined things the more I knew we were not free. Just trying to live was getting more and more expensive. No matter what I did I was breaking the law. There was just no way to avoid it for anybody.

The weight of the governing class came to press so much upon my young carefree life, mostly spend chasing the fairer sex, that I was compelled to understand why things were the way they were. I first believed the problem was philosophical and all I needed to do was explain how people's lives would vastly improve simply by adopting traditional American liberty. But the people were mostly brainwashed and thought my words were some type of galactic communism. I came to realize that the only way people might listen would be when the results of this collectivist folly of the past century came crashing down. These types of centrally planned societies always flop.

Today the new enlightenment grows larger and more powerful. Our numbers swell with new recruits for liberty while the enemies of every individual, a criminal syndicate of powerful bankers and multinational industrialists, are paralyzed by fear of doing the wrong thing that would turn the people into an angry mob. They understand that their once strong asset, the police and military of America, are no longer to be trusted. Other than the stooges at the top, the rank and file defenders of America understand exactly what is going on much more so than the average Joe.

Basically here's what is happening. The top of the western oligarchy make their usual demands to their stooges in the Senate and Congress. The stooges increasingly are complaining that the demands placed upon them by their foreign masters is going to get the "honorable" members tarred and feathered. The global crime syndicate presses them to do as they are told so they acquiesce. But now when the military commanders are ordered to do some of the stupid things that would undermine American security, they are simply refusing to do so. Many have been removed from command.

The reason, to sum up, why now is the best time of my life is at least we're going to give the global crime families a fight. Back in the 1970's and 1980's it looked like we were doomed. Even just a few year ago I felt it was almost time to stick a fork in America. With a bit of divine intervention we can beat these inbred criminal families. I'm telling you America - we could do it! If five or ten percent of you know who our real enemies are and unite in resistance against them the rest of America will follow our lead. This threshold may already have been crossed. Only the wrong move by the global crime families or time will tell.


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