Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Stupidest Americans

The stupidest Americans, including most of my siblings and their offspring, will not look at this evidence because they think they already got the truth over network television. So the knaves run to the enemy for protection. The enemy in turn tells these dupes that people like me and the truly wonderful veterans who run the VeteransToday website, are real the enemy because of the words we speak.

The words we speak are the truth. Fortunately for the traitorous scum that attacked us on 9/11, the duped masses will not even bother examining the truth. Sadly, lots of these duped Americans are really so ignorant that even if they did try to examine the truth they would even grasp how the official story is a conspiracy theory that is scientifically impossible on a number of levels.

For example, gravity and the laws of motion. I can try to tell a dupe that three skyscraper fires cannot cause these three buildings to crash through themselves all on the same day landing on their own footprint as fast as a rock drops from the same height with nothing impeding it. They will say, "Ah hah...yes it can. I saw it on TV."


That's not the point. The point is there is but one way to make what your eyes saw happen. First all of the necessary steel support beams must be instantly severed using high explosives placed there by experts. Once the steel support structure is removed then naturally the earth's gravity will pull these skyscrapers to the earth as fast as a rock free falls.

This isn't rocket science - it's Newton's Law. I learned about it in junior high school. Were you dupes skipping school that day?


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