Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Guys With The Guns

I ask that the police and military defy the criminals who have so far conquered America. It is true that the foreign crime families have won this victory with your help. That's okay. You can be forgiven as you and I both have been duped.

Be that as it may, the plans of the inbred masters of your superiors will soon force millions of Americans to come together in protest. When this happens you will be ordered to fire upon them, round them up then send them to FEMA concentration camps for slave labor or elimination.

The safest most just action when this time comes is to turn your guns around on your superiors. Arrest the Eric Holder's and Janet Napolitano's. If they resist shoot them. However, unlike the unlikely Bin Laden raid ending in a dead terrorist at the bottom of the sea with no information, we prefer live defendants. Live defendants tell tales to save their asses. They name names to reduce their jail time. They sing like canaries to avoid the gallows.

To sum up my message to police and military: Won't you, rat out your criminal superiors working for the global crime families, today?



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