Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Cuban Spring

On the one hand, a revolt against the Cuban government is less likely than the one's being instigated by western powers in the middle east. In places like Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc., weapons and foreign fighters just slip over the border from some neighboring country that is friendly with the U.S. or Israel. These insurgents, labeled as demonstrators by the Americans press for spring revolutions but called Al Qaeda when used to boogie man the duped American public, can easily walk over wide open frontiers.

Cuba would be a much harder nut to crack. Then one would have to assume the foreign crime families are interested in regime change in Cuba. Clearly, they are not at this time. The foreign crime families controlling the U.S. and most of the western nations are perfectly content with their Cuban franchise managers. The Castro's have been diligent supervisors for the bankster/corporate industrialist elites. The Castro boys have provided damn near free Cuban slave labor for Cuban/bankster partnerships like the tourist hotels. The main thing the Castro gang provides the crime family is their banking business. While the Cuban people are legally permitted little, the top government people, generals, diplomats, etc., have their loot stashed with the banksters. This is a great deal for the banksters. They get to invest the stolen swag while the Castro gang remains in power raking in more and more from the island's jailers every year. One day when the Castro regime does fall, then all of the records of the gangs' deposits in places like Switzerland, Panama, the Cayman Islands, etc. will mysteriously vanish like the paper trail of the Nazi gold.

Natural once the government does fall the crime families will do whatever it takes to install their next "Castro" to head their Cuban franchise. Cuba being an island should make that a bit more difficult especially if I have my say about things. Cuba should be like Iceland. Iceland is not paying the foreign crime families for looting them. Icelanders are arresting and prosecuting them.

When Cubans feel they have had their fill with Castro then a new model will need to be adopted. Is there any disagreement about that? The current American and Cuban models of governing are each using a new type of royal system that abuses the people. This royal system has been installed by the foreign crime families because they can more easily extract wealth from the people under these collectivist economies run by their domestic fascists. Therefore, Cubans must block anyone connected with these crime families. During the transition the western press will be foisting the next Castro on the Cuban people. That poison pill alone should alert the Cuban people.

Here's what I think the Cuban people should do and it would be the second domino to fall after Iceland. First, all the Cuban military need do is guard the coastline for infiltrators that the western crime families are certain to use to reestablish control with their next Castro. The people should take ownership of their homes and the workers the businesses where they are employed. Hotels should immediately become the joint property of the workers who have slaved there for the foreign crime families. Each neighborhood right down to every street in the nation the Cuban people should meet to decide how they want their neighborhoods to be run. However, every Cuban should own their time, their own body and all the fruits of their own labor. The only tax should be one based on the value of location of the land each individual or group owns. The revenue will be divided between the local, provincial and national governments to fund them. The largest share would be local and provide for all local community infrastructure like streets, lights, sidewalks, local police and fire protection, etc. The provincial share would go to things like inter provincial highways systems, water systems and larger regional projects. The national share would go to national defense and other nationwide needs. Finally, fiat money must be outlaws and responsible individual ownership of firearms encouraged.

I've got a couple more ideas when the Cuban people are ready. Hurry up please. Things here in the U.S. are getting real Castro-like.


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