Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Dumb Assed Republican Leadership

The Republican party leadership has really showed how stupid they are or at the least that they are foreign controlled. These dumb asses have used every Stalinist election trick in the book including simply not counting Ron Paul's vote to pick the Republican nominee for the party. Now the fools are realizing Paul supporters absolutely will not vote for their trio of scoundrels. Why? Come on you fools! First you cheat us then you want our support. Talk about gall.

Okay I'm still hopeful the delegates in sufficient numbers will achieve the level of understanding of how grave our situation is right now and nominate Ron Paul to save the republic. The military industrial complex just sat their fat asses across the table from Congress and told them they were now ceremonial and that the U.S. Military from here forward takes marching orders from the UN and NATO. The most Panetta would offer Congress was to maybe offer them notice of what the military would do without the permission of Congress. At this writing the military officials who have committed this treason still remain in their jobs and have not been arrested. The majority in Congress are either to scared or too corrupt to do a thing about it and Representative Walter Jones House Resolution 107 is being blacked out by the media. That's an incredible fact that should put the icing of the cake of media collusion and corruption aiding the foreign take over of America. They are filthy scum. Ron Paul as president would be commander in chief of the military. In addition a Ron Paul Justice Department will simply enforce the law and arrest then prosecute ALL of the political crooks along with their collaborators. A good number of people on Wall Street will spend most of the remainder of their lives in prison. The top brass in the military will be decapitated and replaced with junior officers loyal to the Constitution and the United States of America. Finally the media elites aiding and abetting the treason will find themselves in the Court docket as well before a jury of angry Americans. Naturally this gang of election steering rogues would do everything possible to assassinate President Paul. Ron Paul knows this. The man's got courage.

If I can't have President Ron Paul then I'll make this counter offer. Whichever Republican steals the top of the ticket, they must put Rand Paul in the VP slot. In addition Ron Paul must be guaranteed the position of Secretary of the Treasury. Finally, to secure Tomas Estrada-Palma's vote in November, Judge Andrew Nepolitano must be the U.S. Attorney General.

That's just the way it is. Most likely Romney or whoever will not accept this guaranteed route to a White House victory in November. The elites who have the dirt on everybody running except Ron Paul will not allow the Romneyettes to take that offer because the elites actually prefer Barrack Obama. With Obama being African in appearance he is a better fit to lead the holocaust getting underway in Africa to depopulate the blacks from the continent. That way the mostly white former colonial owners of the continent can reclaim it and all the resources for themselves. Romney would use the military for the Africa job as well but white bread Mitt might have to kiss some black babies or hand out some more government cheese to inner city poor children to pull it off before the network's cameras. So the way I look at it morally is I cannot support Obama or the Romney ticket minus the above conditions. That way when they get installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and ramp up murdering the black population of Africa their blood will not be on my hands. It will be on your hands if you vote for either globalist ticket. Then surprise surprise! The globalist plan to send in the military to attack America. Either NATO or the UN will give the order. Maybe they'll get around to informing Congress. Maybe they will simply arrest Congress. We'll see.


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