Monday, March 05, 2012

Enemy News

One thing you can be sure of amigos. All of the networks have been infiltrated and corrupted. The information they provide is a weapon used to manipulate, deflect, avoid and deny. Almost always what the networks assert, the exact opposite will be true. For example when the networks show footage of Syrian demonstrators being shot by the government the reality is the footage is a gun battle between Syrian government forces returning fire against Syrians and foreigners armed by the U.S., Britain, Israel, whoever to sow chaos for the network cameras.

Forget this cheap propaganda. I go to and Veteran's Today - every day. Do you want to know what's going on in the world these days? Alex Jones has excellent insight and analysis. He is trustworthy and reliable. Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today is inside the beast. His sources are right at the top on the inside so he knows exactly what's going on and why. At the very least if you miss hearing either of these gentlemen everyday then you are probably being stroked reeeal good!

I like Gerald Celente as well. He's a real honest guy and his future projection have been very accurate. Max Keiser is good as well unless he starts up about environmental things of which he know only enough to get him into trouble. He should say with economics and monetary issues where he is brilliant. Jesse Ventura is a trustworthy source. But he and the Judge and others have been banned from network TV. They need to do what Glenn Beck has done after he was kicked off the networks and migrate to the internet.

The point is the truth is forming up their ranks on the internet while the old corrupt networks are isolated and without credibility. Soon a big event will expose the networks once and for all and it will be viral.


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