Friday, March 16, 2012

Burn Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics magazine is headed by filthy traitors. I fear no lawsuit from these scum for defamation because I am heavily armed with the truth about 9/11 and the cover-up by unamerican trash like the editors at Popular Mechanics. After we depose the traitors who work for the foreign crime families bent on destroying America, we will soon after go to arrest the editors and other top officials of this magazine. I think I will enjoy watch these dogs doing the perp' walk as much as I will the top canine scum at the networks.

Sadly, many people still believe these natural liars. Why? Because so many dumb aspartamed Americans watch network TV. The top network officials believe if they all lie together then they all can continue living in this lie. Thus far they have been correct though every second they lose more Americans to the truth. Scientists that don't get a government paycheck all agree that there has been treason against the republic. These architects and engineers provide all the evidence that a real Court, with real juries could easily use to prosecute the filth responsible for the treason. Sadly, the U.S. court system has also been commandeered by the scum behind 9/11. So it will be up to the American people to remove these high officials from office. Start by looking here for all the evidence that will secure easy convictions. You will need courage to do this which so many Americans no longer possess. It is why the murderers have gotten away with their crimes for this long.


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