Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate Kind Of Fishy

Here are the things that pique my attention with respect to Obama's birth certificate.

1. There is white around all the letters of entered information on the form. This is very obvious with the written text like signatures.

2. The information is allegedly typed on a type writer yet possesses none of the peculiarities of these devices. Look here at this control sample with type written information:


Notice how the Ha and Ho letters in Hawaii and Honolulu touch each other consistently? This is how typewriters functioned and it was why they each had their own type fingerprint that was unique. Each put down letters spaced consistently the same. Now look at Obama's certificate and notice how the type spacing is more random especially Honolulu. Obama's possess none of the characteristics of text generated by a typewriter.


Typewriters very consistently place the same letters next to each other but horizontal placement on the line tends to jump around because of the mechanics of the typewriter. Computer generated copy solved the problem of getting all the letters lined up horizontally like on Obama's certificate. The sample has consistent left/right letter spacing and inconsistent horizontal spacing normally found when using typewriters while the Obama sample has all the characteristics found with computer generated letter spacing and no typewriter qualities.

3. In 1961 America Obama's father would have been classified as colored or negro.

4. The hand written dates of Obama's mother and the Attendant appear to have been penned by the same individual.

5. Look at the sample and the Obama certificate. The sample has the characteristic fill in of letters like the little e's and a's. This is because of slack in the ink ribbon that causes these letters to consistently be filled in unless a pre-used portion of the ribbon is run across again. But on Obama's I cannot find even one example of letter fill in commonly found when typewriters were used.

6. I find it interesting that the local registrar and the general registrar used the same stamp set up exactly spacing wise with no variation. It appears the same stamp was used. Also on the sample the general registrar took four days to date the certificate but for Obama on the same day. Were they supposed to work in the same office to make such timely dating possible?

7. Why is the last date worked box not filled in on Obama's certificate but the sample is dated corresponding to the date when the general registrar dated the sample?

So this appears to be faked. Why is the question at hand. Either he was born in Kenya or this is a diversion away from the more pressing question of his Indonesian citizenship. He won't release his school records, his passport records or his employment records. That may be only to cover up his past work with the CIA but I don't appreciate having a secret president. When these basic resume items are hidden from the public I believe right off the bat you'd have to be mad to hire that individual for the biggest job in America. If it's only that it looks bad having one of the CIA's agents in the White House that's still a noteworthy bit of information about who actually runs America today.


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