Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Crap

You know what you are to me? You are unique and just as good as anyone else regardless of who your parents are or where you come from. In the video below the royal family is dissected for your enlightenment especially if all you know of them is from TV and tabloids.

Basically, the "royals" do not think as highly of you as Tomas here who knows you are a cool individual possessing Lord knows what unique talents. They feel there is just too damn many of you commoners who must be culled from time to time. Complexion is very important in this area because the royals don't want too many "darkies" no my word!

But here's the truth about us and them. Us...well we are all from unique genetic backgrounds that bring together complex unions of DNA code that combine to make stronger more intelligent humans. Them...well they think they are superior because of who their ancestors were despite the fact that for the most part their relatives were already relatives before and after marriage. They inbred not understanding the dynamics of doing so thinking they would perpetual the noble traits and be stronger. Just the opposite is the reality which is why these royals are filthy rich insane inbreeds that for hundreds of years practice genocide while exploiting colonial inhabitants. The royals use their resources in media, military and MI6 to sow division amongst various groups. They set up grudge matches between the Shiites and the Sunni, the northern Yankee against the southern Confederate, the communist versus the capitalist and so on and so forth.

Aren't you tired of this nonsense amigos? I know you are because all you care about is doing some work, making and keeping your pay to spend to take care of your family and the last thing on your normal good old mutt brain we commoners are blessed with would absolutely never dream of murdering millions of people. You'd have to be crazy! You are not they are.

Watch the video.


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