Monday, February 28, 2011

A Global Force For Good?

So as the latest motto goes for the Navy. Doesn't it get you feeling a bit creepy? Now our Navy is a global force for good. I have a few questions.

Where does it say in the Constitution that our Navy can operate globally using force to achieve good?

Who are the individuals that decide what the good is that will be the reason our Navy deploys force, meaning of course bombs that kill and main even women and children?

What good will come of using this violent force that is rapidly bankrupting America?

Where will all of this end for goodness sake?

When did our Navy become part of the world police enforcing "good?"

The fact is amigos the global banking elites who control our military are softening you up mentally to accept the notion that floating our Navy over the seven seas bombing for their good while bankrupting us is just the medicine America needs to be safe from the latest domino theory boogie men. Those Americans not working find this weird belief harder to swallow and even the still working people are getting nervous. A global force for good?



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