Sunday, March 06, 2011

Spinning History

In the History Channel video below you will see the story about an attempted coup against America that hoped to install a fascist dictatorship. This video only created several years ago goes to great length to demonize supporters of real gold money.

What the silent History Channel partners are doing is taking a bit of history and spinning it to get what they really want. Here is how it works. As support dropped for the Federal Reserve in recent years as Americans actually began to grasp how it operate the oligarchy knew this from our Google searches. We tell on ourselves everyday using two-way street Google. We tell our secret police what they have to plan for like more and more Americans questioning fiat currency. So they trot out one of these history spinners that gives some truthful aspects of the event but slants the message to get what they really want.

So lets work backwards. The CIA Google division alerts the agency that increasing numbers of Americans are questioning paper dollars. The agency uses one of their finer assets, the History Channel, to produce a documentary (propamentary) demonizing gold money advocates. They produce and air a show about the attempted coup by Wall Street bankers like J.P. Morgan who would use disgruntled WWI Vets angry about not receiving their bonus money badly needed due to the depression, to be a half million man street thug army enforcing the coup plotter's dictates. Planted in this brilliant propaganda piece is the notion that the plotters were just trying to bring back the gold standard. But the truth is, while many of the plotters might have been against the seizure of gold by FDR, the leaders then and their current proteges who today secretly rule our world as they struggle to rule the rest of it, damn sure despise a gold standard! They always have and always will. When your money is gold and silver you get to own it and transact directly without government involvement. So government doesn't get their cut with a gold standard and the banks don't get their cut since they can't inflate or in other words increase the amount of gold in the economy. If they could that would be a good thing as well but that's another story. This story is about how the secret police planted the propaganda nugget that J.P. Morgan and others were in favor of the gold standard as they plotted the overthrow of the American government. Therefore, supporters of the gold standard must be greedy, un-American fascists. The end result is the superficial masses blindly spout that a coup of supporters of the gold standard were foiled by loyal forces who include the Federal Reserve Bank.

The truth is the plot did indeed get foiled but the gold standard per se was not the plotter's motivation. The plotter's motivation was to do what today's coup plotters have successfully done - install a fascist dictatorship. These bankers do what they have done all over the world and grabbed control of the money first then the media and finally the government itself. The American government was the toughest nut to crack but they have succeeded for the time being if we are to be honest. So they are following a time tested model of sowing chaos and murdering millions to re-balance the economy as we go through what has been mislabeled "the business cycle." By murdering millions of what these financial terrorists call useless eaters they drastically reduce operational overhead costs while stealing all the victims stuff. When they restart the world economy their hope is to do so with a new currency. It will be the ultimate fiat currency - electronic redeemable only by debit card. After the switch your dollars will be replaced by these New World Order Planet Pesos but after a huge devaluation. That means if you want to have a small fortune you'd better start out with an enormous fortune.


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