Sunday, January 02, 2011

We Have Plenty

That's right amigos. We have plenty of food, water, minerals and good land too. But so much of it is controlled by so few people. These people with names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer and such besides grabbing up the best land also control the politicians. The effect is like Omar Torrijos in Panama and after this strongman Manuel Noriega. Panama had a democratically elected government but everybody knew who was running the show. Torrijos did until Noriega more than likely had his general's flight plans changed to a fiery crash. If it suited the needs of our shadow rulers they'd arrange the same flight plan for Obama.

The shadow oligarchy form of government is inherently unstable as I'm sure Caesar would agree if he'd of survived the stab wounds. The same goes for Kennedy which leads to my point that we do have plenty of stuff for survival and even an economic and cultural revival. The reason we, meaning all the people's of the planet earth, are not taking advantage of this potential wealth is the above mentioned oligarchs are struggling against a number of other little Caesars both domestic and foreign to gain an advantage in their respective quests for dominance. The oligarchs either fence off the land or they steal our wealth to manufacture bombs to blow us up. Remember, at the beginning of every terrorist act or other war activity using bombs is a government controlling the creation and distribution of explosives. One may be tempted to say what about Timmy's Oklahoma oil and fertilizer bomb? That was just a decoy like the World Trade Center towers collapsing because of planes and magic diesel fuel. The real fireworks on both occasions were laid and lit up by government rogues using the military's latest thermite Roman Candles that burn way over 3000 degrees. Heck...if diesel melted steel what the devil would we make jet engines out of - fire brick? If you believe that any carbon based fuel can melt steel or even soften it without a blast furnace and plenty of pure oxygen, then I'm sorry but you have fertilizer for brains.

Each of the oligarchs has two problems. First there are all the other oligarchs in the world of which perhaps there are a few thousands or so depending on how high you wish to count down from the top of the pyramids of power. The other problem is the rest of us who the oligarch mostly consider useful idiots to be exploited for their grand purposes. To the elites we are savages and to some degree we are I will agree. But it is why this is so where I disagree with the oligarchies. The upper crusts feel we mostly are genetically inferior possessing savage like qualities that must be culled regularly from the earth like mowing the lawn. I however believe that people act like savages out of desperation and fear. People fear they will have to live in the streets and go hungry. They fear violent death from terror, war or other oligarchy rooted behavior of which most are still to this modern day unaware who really is lighting the fuse.

Average people must first recognize what is really going on in the world today to stop it. For example Jews and Palestinians are blown apart by oligarch bombs used to general hate. Jews and Palestinians must recognize they are both pawns in the bigger hidden struggle of the oligarchs. Essentially, each oligarchy is a hate machine designed to make the other people controlled by rival oligarchies as their sworn enemy. The U.S./British oligarchy for example spreads this notion that Muslims wish to take over the world in a new crusade and either force us all to convert or be killed. Oligarchs in the Muslim countries tell their citizens that we westerners want to take over their Islamic lands and foist our McDonald's airport groping lifestyles onto them. It makes for some great hate and network dramas but it's all based on nonsense so oligarchs can steal or hold onto what they have already stolen. What's a mom just trying to raise a family to do?

Right off when a bomb blows up somewhere get angry at the oligarchies and not the people who they blame. Then change everything that you do from global to local. Only buy local food and support local manufacturers. Become self-reliant. In short be like the Amish but you don't have to be religious to do so. Stop taking advice from your television. All television is oligarchy controlled everywhere. Get your news from the Internet the same way you do with friends - through long relationships built on trust. When television networks assert anything is good then assume it to be bad. The opposites holds true as well. So if they say flu vaccines are swell or a politician then I avoid each like the plague.

At the end of the day if the oligarchies were all exposed for the greedy psychos that they are as well as their lackeys in each of our governments then we the people of the planet would instantly put a stop to it. Once each of us is allowed to keep the fruits of our own labors we will all have plenty. The only shortage will be of bombs for the oligarchy. Once we all learn the truth and how to share the planet with each other without stealing another human's labor, time or money then savagery will diminish. Everyone will have plenty including time for philanthropic hobbies for the dwindling needed.

This new golden age is waiting for us all but will not happen if we keep out heads in the sand leaving parts of the body unsuited for task of decision-making above ground. I have no interest in being anyone's ruler or even a leader. I'm just a travel guide pointing out a much more pleasurable destination than the one the oligarchies have planned for us. I hope you get my point.


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