Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Buildings And Gravity

My deepest thanks to Jesse Ventura this morning. He is an honorable man and he has done something great that I have been trying to do unsuccessfully since 2006.

In 2006 I realized the tales of 9/11 could not be correct because it was scientifically impossible. My trouble was trying to find the right words to make anyone say: "AH HA!" And clearly see that what they have been told is not correct. Here is what Jesse said being that he is an expert in demolition from his navy SEAL days:

"Buildings don't fall at the speed of gravity without assistance." CIA Building Seven fell a bit faster than that - as if it were falling in a vacuum. I might also add to Jesse's statement that vacuums don't exist in nature without assistance.

Vacuums in nature and buildings falling to earth at the speed of a gravity free fall do indeed require assistance. Fires are not capable of producing vacuums or gravity free fall but explosives damn sure can. The explosives are used in controlled demolition to sever the supporting steel frame that keeps the structure standing. Once the timed demolition cuts the steel beams in the proper sequence by experts, nature takes it's course and pulls everything to earth at 32 feet per second per second for every second it falls.

Even back in Eighth grade we were doing the math to figure out how long it would take an object to free fall. Anyone who claims buildings can come crashing through themselves and smash their way all the way down to the lobby due to fire at a speed that is equal to or even a bit faster than a rock dropped from the same height is most likely ignorant or criminally involved in treason.

Now deal with this bad news rationally so we can have a proper investigation.


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