Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why The CIA Leaks To Wikileaks

It seems to me that only the CIA could get their hands on this quantity of inside documents. Since the CIA top leadership has no loyalty or fraternity to our nation nor the Constitution it makes perfect sense for them to arrange for Assange to get these documents.

Most likely their treason began in earnest with the JFK assassination which each conspirator had their own motivations certainly. Perhaps most even felt they were doing a noble thing by doing their part to pull off the big event. However, since that day the CIA has had to follow orders from the foreign bankers who know all about the Kennedy Coup and can "discover" the truth over their television networks any time they choose to do so thereby ratting out the rats in the agency.

So now, despite what delusional reasoning the traitors may have possessed originally, they must follow orders just to continue saving their own asses. We all can see clearly, by their own words, that the foreign bankers want unified world government which they install and control as well as a unified electronic currency...which they also control. Blocking the way to this world domination delusion is of course the good old USA and the American people.

PLEASE! Of course the agency is leaking these documents to undermine the nations' leaders and cause more loss of American credibility while the dollar likewise loses credibility and value too.

In short, this is part of the "bozo-ing" of America. We have been led to act like bozos, spend like bozos, borrow like bozos and look like bozos to the rest of the world where we have troops stationed in 175 of the nations enforcing bozo foreign policy. I'm sure there is some amount of sadness in the CIA leadership for being instrumental in the destruction of America as we have come to know her. But sadness and nostalgia can't get in the way of saving their own asses again by going along with the program of the foreign bankers' one world government plan. This would seem like the rational choice. It is better for them to pray that the invading bankers succeed taking down and dividing Americans rather than Americans wising up first and taking down the traitors among us.

Whew! If Americans ever wise up though, these traitors are dog meat! The French Revolution would seem like a carnival by comparison. I know this. The agency knows this. It is only the Americans who still remain in the dark.


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