Monday, November 29, 2010

Why America Is Sick And Weakened

There are so many numbers in this life that it is impossible for the average person to sort out any meaning. This is where I come in. I will take the numbers and explain what they mean to the individual and to America.

Take for example this number - 54%. It's more than half right? Okay, lets look at all living things and compare them to those now extinct.

All living things do three basic things with the limited amount of time and energy that they possess. Living things use time and energy to arrange for food, shelter, water and all the things necessary to exists and have energy to expel in the first place. You have to spend time and energy loading up the coal furnace to get some heat.

In addition, living things must reproduce to replace the old, worn out original living things. This includes resting the organism to allow repairs thus allow the living thing to do the other necessary functions of life. But nothing lasts forever or this world would be a crowded place as opposed to a planet that now supports the entire human population on about 5% of the cultivatable/usable land.

Finally, all living things must have defense strategies that allow them to stay living to be able to even think about doing the other two life functions, right? Living things fight, run away faster than the attacker, they hide, etc. Living things generally have defense strategies that can be called on to overwhelm an attacker but during most times they lie dormant.

Take the bear for example. They are a relatively successful animal so lets examine their lifestyle. Well right off the bat they are spending almost half their time sleeping. Why? The bear sleeps over the winter while the foods he requires for energy are not available. However, during the warmer months the bear eats almost constantly putting on the fat necessary to grow large as well as fat to sustain it over the dormant hibernating winter months. The bear's defense results from getting larger than other animals in the forest along with a crushing jaw powering sharp teeth and claws at the end of incredibly strong limbs. Other animals head the other way when a grown bear comes around. The biggest threats bears face are from other bigger bears, man and microbes. Naturally bears as do all living things constantly refine their bio defenses against the microbe world. It is a battle they and all living things will lose. All our bio defenses can do is protect us for long enough to live a normal life span before our unseen enemies consume us in death or cause that death then consume us. The other two main bear enemies, man and bigger bears, will force a bear to expel energy and some time to run!

So lets get back to 54%. That is the percentage of our tax money that your government is spending on defense. During the football game yesterday one of the FOX football shills thanked the troops stationed in 175 countries around the world for protecting us. I thought what the hell are our soldiers doing occupying 175 countries and how is that protecting us here in America?

Don't forget that the American society is a living thing as well with all of the same needs to continue living or face extinction. Panda bears face extinction simply because they have a single dietary need that is not widely available always - bamboo. When the crop fails in a region the pandas all die there period. Pandas must use more energy searching for their food because they are such picky eaters. The average bear, like Yogi, is smarter for enjoying a wider choice of foods and are found in much greater numbers than pandas. Some bears have figured out men are not shooting them like in times past and now they don't fear us. So they have become a dangerous nuisance in many communities. The bears just love our garbage dumps. In short, because of our society most bears are increasing in numbers. They are free to eat and grow larger and more menacing.

Still, the bear wastes little time or energy actually fighting. It lumbers slowly from one food source to the another minding its business of massive consumption. Imagine if the bear spent over half its time attacking its enemies. How successful would this strategy be to increasing the bear population? The answer, since bears must already hibernate over the winter, is bears would quickly die off. In fact some bears do adopt this very aggressive approach and are quickly killed by the threatened human population. No, most bears are Yogi-like and mind their eating business.

When it comes to Boo Boos we are talking about Americans. It is a fact that we are letting our government spend 54% of the revenue they extract to support troops in 175 countries around the globe. Democrat and Republican leadership state proudly that not a dime of this defense budget can be cut. Excuse me! What about our living society? Our people need things to be able to continue living. How can we live if only 46% of tax money is spent here? Why do you think the bridges are falling into the river, the roads falling into disrepair and the people living in the streets?

The American society is in a death spiral. Every American who is cast out in the street, left without a job or rendered ill due to these intolerable social conditions, cannot be counted among the producing members of society. They are net consumers of wealth by receiving tax funded aid right down to engaging in criminal activity to survive. The American Boo Boos, governed by Boo Boos have been assured by the Boo Boos over the enemy television networks that there is an economic pickenic-basket just around the corner spilling over with green shoots - moving forward.

If you believe we need to be occupying 175 countries militarily, that we can win in Afghanistan or that our society can continue to exist on only 46% of our revenue then you too are a Boo Boo.


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