Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is This Repression Of Ideas Hitting Closer To Home?

What is happening to Gorki in Cuba for just wanting to play music is a great example of how things are starting to operate around here in the U.S. In Cuba the government can arrest you for the crime of dangerousness meaning that your behavior could lead you to break a law in the future.

In Havana and Washington, DC both give swell reasons to suppress information from the people and block expression of ideas right down to art. Art is always where victims of repressive government regimes forward their ideas generated by the pain inflicted on them or their loved ones.

Rather than blindly allow any government to block an artist, wouldn't it be better to explore the reasons for the artist's pain by seeing their art? I agree with U.S. and Cuban governments however. Art is dangerous to tyrants who abuse their own people in the shadows away from the public eye. That's the reason I disagree with these two repressive governments and feel art should never be banned or restricted.

Look at what happened to Gorki - AGAIN! It's coming to a neighborhood like yours if you even think about banning art that you don't like, understand or agree with. If the government can ban art they soon tell you what art is acceptable and make you look at it.


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