Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Feet From Gorki

That's as close as I got to him. Cubans were invited to a bar last night to supposedly meet Gorki. But they whisked him into the place and into a back room where you could just get a glimpse of him behind the enormous behind of some rude woman who was with Gorki's entourage. I discovered that this fat woman was rude when Charlie Bravo wanted to take a photo of Gorki. I walked up to the woman standing in the doorway blocking the view of Gorki and asked if she would step aside just for a second so my friend could snap a picture of the musician. She replied, "No, we're not going to do that." I said I was sorry but what was she talking about but she just kept repeating the same line, "We're not going to do that," with no further discussion. Then fatty started pulling some curtain in the doorway so we could not even see Gorki. After half an hour or so Gorki disappeared altogether and I found myself in the middle of another group of people in the bar there to remember some recently departed gentleman. So there I am stuck in a eulogy for a stranger trapped by a crowd listening to the guy's sister tell his life story. When a different speaker was moving to the mic' to tell their fond remembrances of the deceased I used the opportunity to make a break for the door.

Was the fat woman with the Castro government? She acted like she was. For the record I was invited along with other Cubans to meet Gorki. But as is the case with many individuals, the fat woman got a bit of authority and it went right to her head. She was rude and arrogant like most politicians. So Gorki...if you ever want to meet me come to my house. I'd love to have you over for a few beers. However, leave the fat chick at home.


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