Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charlie Sheen - American Hero

Charlie Sheen is an American and a man I respect. He has asked why the emperors wear no clothes but the tyrant bastards remain naked and silent. Now that Americans are awakening to the reality that our government is corrupt, the idea that 9/11 might have been committed by a few of these criminals does not seem so far fetched anymore.

Hey you Americans out there. Have you looked into the unanswered questions which the government pretends do not exist? Instead of answering these questions they get traitorous dogs like Geraldo and O'Reilly to use an old Soviet tactic and assert that we are crazy for even asking. Please do not be fooled by these two unAmerican snakes in the grass who shill for a living. You've wasted years of your life doing so? Do you have five minutes of your life to listen to a real American trying to save your country?


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