Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obamacare Foes Racists?

That is the message being pushed hard by CNN. They find one guy in a crowd of thousands who might have some racist leanings then smear the whole crowd with that broad brush. Well remember this. The same big media slugs who now claim that you are a racist for being against socialized medicine are the same liars who only a couple years ago asserted that a great American like Ron Paul was a racist and a fascist. Now that everybody knows Ron a bit better through his actions and not the malicious propaganda spewed by the corporate media, it seem ridiculous to have ever believed that Congressman Paul would do anything unprincipled or even rude.

CNN even had on former President Carter to have him say he believed the tea party protesters were really racists at heart. Don't believe that nonsense. Carter is merely another traitor to his country and countrymen. His assertions are ridiculous! How could any person but God have the ability to know what is in a man's heart or why he does anything? To claim that ability, like Carter, is the peak of arrogance. Does the former president read minds now?

Here is what is really going on. The racial card is one that the ruling bankster/corporate oligarchy knew they would play when they nominated Obama over their media networks. They will use it to divide us as they do with so many other false left/right struggles. Don't fall for it and use your ample intelligence to analyze the issue for yourselves. Listen to the reasons why the tea protesters don't want national health and to bail out the big corporate/bankster gangsters. I personally will explain why national health is foolish nonsense to even consider to anyone who asks. My resistance to Obamacare is based on economics, not race. Sure there are some individuals who hold backwards notions about race in the patriot movements. It's the same way with all groups. Is it wise to call everybody in a crowd racist when in reality their numbers are few?

We believers in liberty want people of all races to join us in our struggle against the lying corpo/bankster oligarchy and the shills in their big media. They are your enemy - not people of other races. We need you all on our side to have a prayer of winning this giant struggle.

The fact is the majority of people no matter what race want basically the same thing - peace and prosperity. We all need each other to fight the evil snakes who attempt to enslave us all regardless what color we are. Black Americans who wonder if the patriot movement is run by racists need not fear such nonsense. Please join us in our quest for freedom from the bondage of free range slavery. What is in my heart? I want you to be able to own your time, body and labor output. I hope the same for everybody one day. Does that make me a racist?


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