Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Big Media Blackout

These traitors in the big network media have proven themselves untrustworthy to inform the American people - again. They are only trying to protect you from knowing too much or hearing about what is really going on in America today. Take the video below for example. The march was blacked out on the tube except there was some light mention by them of a protest that drew a few thousand people. A FEW THOUSAND PEOPLE!!!

How many people do you think were at the protest amigos? Notice that none of the big networks, except maybe FOX, showed a wide angle shot of how many protesters were there. Rather, the big media liars used tight shots of a few protesters with the most controversial signs to minimize the freedom movement and demonize it. Then they get the failure, Jimmy Carter, up on the airwaves to say the protesters are really racists. Yeah...we freedom lovers are as good as Jews in Germany during the 1930s.


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