Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dollar Murdured

Most people don't realize it yet but the good old greenback is being destroyed. It's not that the elite international bankers planned things the way they are heading now. These banking bozos don't have a clue what they are doing beyond surviving for another day at this point. You see amigos, they have constructed their own trap from which they cannot escape. As soon as the vipers stop printing more faux currency crack the markets will tank and millions of formerly middle class Americans are going to be very poor and angry. So they will instead choose to print more dollars and reduce their value daily. They think they can have some orderly devaluation and that we are too stupid to know what's going on when the price of everything skyrockets.

The question is what can we do to protect ourselves? At the end of the line lies the destruction of the dollar and the closing of the private Federal Reserve Bank. So how do we transact in the mean time? We by default will quickly transition to gold and silver bullion. During this chaotic economic period that lies just over the horizon we will all need to be creative to survive. However, rediscovering our self reliance will be a good thing. So start stocking up on gold and silver now. In addition, gems can be used as currency. I am in the process of selling a couple of vehicles at this very moment. These are currency too. All sorts of goods and services can be money.

The trouble is during the final stages of the Federal Reserve hyper-inflation most people will still be getting paid in dollars. This is especially so with government workers and those receiving government payments like retirees. When the money is wired into our accounts the dollars will be losing value by the hour. So everyone must have strategies to immediately buy something with those dollars before they lose more buying power. For a person like me with mechanical abilities I can use dollars to buy second hand cars, fix them up then sell them for gold, silver, gems, other commodities I need like electronics. Bartering over the internet will increase drastically.

So people worry about how we could ever replace the great and powerful wizards of the Federal Reserve. Why worry? It's going to happen whether we like it or not. It is a corrupt organization designed to milk the labor of the people without them realizing it. We will return to the original monetary system that has remained stable for six thousand years - gold and silver as well as other valued commodities of the modern world. The fact is much of the gold and silver used as money is the same gold and silver used all the way back to the pharaohs of Egypt. Can the same be said for paper fiat currency? If so I'll trade anyone even up pound for pound for their gold and silver for my paper that I have rolled up in my bathroom.

Finally, when what I describe happens we will all know who to blame. They have identified themselves all over the big networks every time they assured us they have everything under control and that they know what they are doing. They don't have a clue. They are the worst form of ignoramuses - greedy ones.


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