Monday, September 14, 2009

To Regulate

Or not to regulate...that is the question. Whether it is more nobler to suffer the highs and lows of a marketplace manipulated by the very thieves charged with oversight of that economy. Putting liars and thieves in a position to reign over the financial transactions of the people has resulted in widespread poverty. The reality is the government is running a protection racket just like Al Capone once did. The people must pay a premium or they will be hurt.

There was and still remains plenty of regulation and law that bans Bernie Madoff behavior. Plenty of individuals informed on his Ponsi scheme through the years yet he continued to swindle. Now government and corporate media tell the people that the answer is more regulation, naturally enforced by these very same crooks.

Maybe a majority of Americans remain ignorant enough to go for this ruse again. There are plenty of fools yet who believe that Obama can give us all the free doctor care and lolly-pops anytime we all want it. Hell...if Obama really wanted to cut health care cost he'd put the entire industry into a tax free status like religion. In fact, maybe the American people might form a new religion based on the God of Health. We could all worship everyday and have our homes...ah, temples of health worship free of tax. Our doctors...ah, health priests would not be taxed or regulated either nor would the nurses... ah, nuns of nutrition and health. The gyms...ah health shrines would not be subjected to tax under the first amendment nor would healthy food... ah, sacrament. Vacations...ah, religious retreats would be tax free.

I tell you what amigos, my life would be even healthier as a follower of the church of the almighty health god of fitness and fun. Health care costs would plummet as new health care providers... ah, fitness and fun deacons and nuns chose this calling. Not a person would be found without health care and the current government regulators would not be involved in any way nor tax dollars.

What are we waiting for America? What's to stop us from forming our new church of health? Oh yeah...the government regulators would break both our legs.


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