Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Zimbabwean Model Of Currency Renters

Why are Americans so clueless about the way things are in the world? I blame propagandist network television. But take for example the declining wealth of the American people. Americans mostly feel like we are in decline as a nation and as individuals. Is there even one honest American who doesn't feel that our best days are behind us? However, the majority still have crazy notions as to why we are all getting so much poorer.

One has to look no further than Zimbabwe for the answer. Naturally there are many aspects to the growing poverty level here like high taxation and the methods by which the loot is extracted by our lawless government. But the number one reason for our growing poverty is the type of money that we are forced to use - the Federal Reserve note. Whether a Zimbabwean dollar or an American dollar, both of these nations use the same currency system - fiat money. Fiat Keynesian currency is based on nothing but the needs of the centrally planning central bankers to create more and more cash. At the same time these elites invest in all the monopoly industries and services like gas and oil, electricity, insurance, medical care, food production, etc. By doing this they can still rake us over the coals when the money supply is shrunk by these same sneaky central bankers. How?

First the supply of fiat money is drastically shrunk by this cabal of bankers. This causes prices for goods and services as well as salaries to plummet. However, take electricity for example. While everything these days is dropping like a rock along with the prospect of finding and keeping a job, my kilowatt hour charge has remained astronomically high from where it was two years ago at the peak of the bankster inflation of the dollar. You either pay up or you are blacked out.

This is how the swindle operates and is the real reason we have these boom/bust periods that coincide exactly with the inflation and deflation of their currency. I call it their currency because that is what it is - theirs. The actual effect of any fiat money system is that the workers are in reality renting their money. We are currency renters in our own land that we were supposed to be free from any tyranny.

If this ain't tyranny then what is it? It sure isn't chocolate cake.


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