Friday, August 28, 2009

Exiles Been Here Before

In February of 2008 I wrote:

The Internet has allowed people to get past their media gate-keepers to spread this information among fellow Americans and people everywhere in the Information Connected World including Cuba. Therefore, we are the biggest threat to their control of the world money supply and human labor output. I believe they will need to take us down, perhaps kill many of us, because soon we will have a critical mass of people who know about this economic scam. A pandemic is the most logical choice....

Tell me amigos. How did your boy Tomas know a pandemic was on the way well over a year before it began? It is because I know my enemy and I know myself. If you are a regular working Joe then whether you know it or not my enemies are your enemies as well. My enemies had many of you convinced that I had some kind of emotional problem. It's understandable...they own all the television networks. I just have this one little cheap computer. Today I don't appear quite so crazy anymore. The fact is I've been correct about this issue, the economy and much more.

I don't have a mean bone in my body, I really love people and that is especially true for Cubans. I care for all people everywhere but my heart is especially troubled for Cubans here in the states and in Cuba. Several years ago I began this fight for Cuba libre because I wanted to help and to be truthful because I didn't like the way American was headed collectively speaking. However, in this fight I stumbled onto information that led me to conclude that America was in so much more danger from the very same people who menace Cuba as well...and I'm not talking about the Castro boys this time. Naturally, a couple years ago I started sounding the warning to Cuban exiles because they are Cubans just like the ones on the island. So I haven't stopped thinking about the fires of injustice burning darkly in Cuba. It's just that the house where a million Cubans and I live is burning from the very same collectivist fires that condemn our brethren to a life of unnecessary misery in Cuba.

So here's the deal Cubans. If you think we exiles can help you now I must bring you the bad news. We are surrounded by our enemy here in the United States. The enemy is heavily armed, relatively well funded still and extremely nervous about the way things are developing. They are frightened of the American people who have awoken to the reality that we have been scammed by the international banksters and their traitorous hacks employed in the U.S. federal government. Today we remain at a stand-off with more and more rowdy crowds forming up in the streets. So the enemy here will use swine flu as an excuse to eliminate opposition and re-establish control of their operation. Their plan is to eliminate enough people to re-balance the economy with only the more productive humans remaining for the benefit of their free range slave operation. Fortunately these snakes are divided and in disarray. They know that if they make one mistake it will enrage 300 million Americans. So what should Cubans do?

Here in the states I've already given you ample advice about what to do to survive the coming conflict between the forces of good (liberty) and the forces of evil (tyranny). But what about Cuba? Well Cubanos you're not going to believe this but we exiles need your help now. How can that be you might ask? Well I don't need to tell you that the Cuban government is flat broke, demoralized and at the weakest point in the entire span of the Castro regime. Cuba has become the weak point in the defense of tyranny. It will be far easier now amigos for the Cuban people to seize back their liberty from the wobbly Cuban government than the Americans currently under attack by rogue elements in this government. Let me tell you amigos in Cuba, rewards await you when you do kick the tyrants from the island. You will go from being a nation of fear and poverty to one of hope and prosperity. This is true for virtually all Cubans in Cuba including the military. The military is key in the fight to regain Cuban liberty. That's because if you think once Cubans free themselves that the fight is over then I have some more bad news for you. If you think the United States government would stand for a free country 90 miles from it's shores, reminding Americans how it use to be to be free and prosperous then you are deluded. The fact is once Cuba frees itself from tyranny the Cuban military alongside the Cuban people must rearm and prepare for defense of the island. Every Cuban household should have firearms and a citizen militia must be formed to provide the last line of defense behind the military's front line defenses. Naturally, this means the people and the military must be on the same page. The Cuban military, police and people should have but one goal - to preserve the conditions for individual liberty to take hold so that Cuba becomes and remains prosperous and peaceful. When we are all on this same page of history then the people, police and military of Cuba will no longer fear one another.

Why do I tell Cubans to take back their liberty now aside from the government being so weak? If the forces of evil here in the states win the battle - something that is entirely possible - do Cubans really believe they will be left alone by these vipers? Get real!!! The only reason you have been left alone thus far has been because the Castro boys have served as dynamite boogie men as well as playing nicely into the little left/right game that the traitors play on Americans to keep us fighting each other instead of the ones oppressing us. If the oppressors re-establish control of America by eliminating the opposition then a Cuban boogieman will be unnecessary. Remember, the oligarchy in the West is not the only one. All of the oligarchies are vying for domination of the planet and its resources. Cuba will add nicely to the profits of the western bankster alliance once they have regained control of the island.

Cuba's only hope is to get rich fast. It may already be too late. Cuba's military and people are so tattered that the U.S. could take the island anytime it suits them. Fortunately the evil ones are very busy trying not to lose control of their operations here, in Europe, England and elsewhere. So there is still time. You are strong enough to remove the Castro gang from power. If you did so today then establish an economic plan based on honesty and individual liberty then capital would surge into Cuba along with exile returning with know-how. We could all become rich fast and if we are smart dedicate an adequate percentage for defense. But our time runs short. Each day you wait delays the day when Cuba is able to defend itself from the emerging Western bankster oligarchy.

Please do not delay amigos. I am surrounded.


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