Thursday, August 27, 2009

Government Only Increases Medical Costs

Let's get real people. Government saying they want to control medical costs is like a lynch mob claiming they want to fight rope burns! If government wants to keep medical costs low why do they tax the income you earn to pay for it? Your medical choices in America today not provided directly by government shifting of the costs are insurance through your employer or you pay for medical care out of your pocket from your income. Therefore, if you buy your medical care when you need it you must pay the bill directly from your taxed income. So that $100 medical procedure really cost you $140 or so because you must earn that much money before taxes to afford to pay the hundred bucks after taxes. How does charging individuals an extra 30 or 40 percent reduce medical costs? The other insurance option comes with the additional cost of the profit margin required for any business to survive.

All of this nonsense is due to the income tax. If there were no income tax we would not be having this debate because Americans could afford luxuries like food, shelter and medical care. Of course abolishing the income tax would mean not being able to afford a military empire and be able to bomb at will.

Hmmm... Having a military empire... Having food, shelter and medical care... Gee, this is a tough choice. If I give up the military empire my country might lose prestige. Of course food, shelter and doctors are nice as well. Tough choice. Should I starve, die of exposure or disease - or should I die from the embarrassment of losing prestige. Well I figure I can live with embarrassment. But living without food, shelter and medical care is not possible for the vast majority of Americans especially with the shape most are in these days.

I vote for food, shelter and medical care. Who's with me?


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