Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Domestic Terrorism Report

If you have not heard about the recently leaked Homeland Security Report on domestic terrorism you might be in for a surprise. Why? That's because there is a better chance than not that you have been identified as a domestic terrorist. Does that mean your government suspects you of being an Al Quada member or an eco-terrorist. No...for some reason people like that weren't mentioned in the report.

However if you believe in the U.S. Constitution, are pro life, are concerned about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, support the right to defend yourself with firearms, are a veteran returning from overseas duty or think the government has been taken over by criminals - then you could be a domestic terrorist according to Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security. Today, the vast majority of the federal police apparatus has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the American people from criminals or terrorists. Their solitary responsibility is to keep their bosses who have hijacked the federal government in power over us.

Now Americans have awakened to this fact and they are damn angry about it. Americans are rallying around the Constitution once again and finally starting to act like Americans. Naturally this make these traitors to America who are manipulating the federal police into Nazi-like behavior very nervous. These vipers of the banksters realize that even with all the federal cops that they don't stand a chance against 300 million angry united Americans.

Therefore, the unAmerican scum at the top of the federal heap of fascists will play their ace in the hole - swine flu. They have already released the first round of infections and interestingly the patent for the vaccine for H1N1 was applied for over a year before the outbreak was initiated. Now they plan on releasing the more virulent strain that severely affects the lungs and has a high death rate especially among the poor. Doing this will solve many of the traitors troubles. It will divide us with fear of contracting the germ so we do not form up into angry mobs against them. It will cause the chaos necessary for the federal criminals to round up many of the above mentioned DHS identified domestic terrorists for elimination. It will give the bankster bosses a scapegoat for the ruined economy that is now on the verge of total collapse. And finally, it will eliminate enough people to allow the economy to return to prosperity. The same thing happened to the economy after the black plague. For the survivors wages soared and there were ample resources for everybody - still living.

So Tomas has warned you again amigos. Do not take any vaccines to prevent swine flu. Only a fool lets criminals stick virus laced needles into their body. We must all do our best to survive this bio attack on us by the scumbags who pretend to protect us. We must survive in order to throw out the vast majority of Congress in 2010. Finally, the real American Congressmen and Senators that we will replace the current traitors with will begin the process of investigating the above mentioned treasons then prosecute the disgusting criminals. If we are successful I predict those prosecutions will reach right to the top of the heap and result in the impeachment of Obama followed by his arrest and prosecution for high crimes and treason.

So we are in a race. The criminals must cause a pandemic to use as blame for the economy that they ruined before the economy collapses. That is why the federal government has secretly bought stocks. As long as they can keep the stock market afloat in this artificial manipulative manner they have time to spread the infection widely enough that they can then blame the sudden drop in the market and economy that must occur eventually. So get the hell out of the market now, store food and water. Please use good sanitation and as the bio attack moves into full swing please mask up in public places. I'm praying that God will permit the economy to collapse ahead of schedule to pull the mask off of these rogues who wish to murder millions of us just so they can remain our masters. Finally, I would like to remind the local and state police as well as all military personel that when your family members and friends die from swine flu that it was the traitors to America that killed them. So do your duty to your country and honor the death of these loved ones by going after the federal criminals and their international bankster bosses who bear the guilt for these murders.



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