Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We Deserve It

The bad times we're in and the worse times that lie ahead are what we deserve. That's the opinion of many people around the world. Our government is like a god deciding who shall live and who shall be struck dead from right out of the blue. We prop up dictators, emirs and oligarchs supposedly to protect our interests. Also protecting our interests has included murdering literally millions of people around the globe and a good many right here in the United States. We invade nations with our military whenever it suits us and the current rage is sending in private military contractors to accomplish the same mission.

In the mean time Americans are clueless as to why our economy is wrecked. They can't understand why our bridges are dropping into the river as was the recent case in Minnesota. Most can't understand why health care is so expensive. Why are these things so?

The answer is really simply and the direct result of our government bullying anybody they feel like. We are building a military empire and the spoils don't even belong to us. They belong to the international banker/corporate alliance who are the actually unseen rulers of most of the planet. They own all the television networks with which they bombard the duped populace into believing that this boogieman or that is going to get them unless we bomb them first. The old communist red menace that used to terrorize us now has worn off so our rulers have taken the next logical step. The snakes attack us directly themselves and blame it on the next country they want to invade. It has worked brilliantly. Today, Americans not only tolerate invading anywhere but many actually favor the Nazi torture tactics which led to those leaders actually being hung.

All of this unAmerican behavior done by our government is very expensive. There is not enough wealth produced here to pay for both a global military network and human needs like proper food, shelter, health care, etc. If we threw out the rascals in Congress responsible for doing the bidding of the foreign and domestic banker/corporate alliance then it would still require a number of years to return America to economic health. Sadly many remain suckered into believing we must continue to bomb. The liberals are now the most hypocritical of them all. They actually ride around in cars with bumper stickers that say "War is Not the Answer" and right next to it one that says, "Obama." When Bush was president they were code pinking up the streets protesting war. Now that Obama is in and repeating the same mistakes Lyndon Johnson committed in Vietnam the left is strangely quiet while they grovel before a bankrupt government for free health care. They've taken their eye off the ball. As a result thousands of young Americans must die in the mountains of Afghanistan, in Pakistan and of course the boogieman du joir - Iran.

Eventually we'll connect the dots of death and come to our senses. We'll pull our children out of foreign lands because too many American sons and daughters will have died only for the balance sheets of the banker/corporate alliance. Then we'll put up the Middle East Memorial next to the Vietnam Memorial but lost in the salutes will be remembering what it was all for. With Vietnam we were stopping the domino theory, remember? That theory said communism was such a menace that if we were ever to lose in Vietnam then that first domino would fall causing every country to turn communist. But the dominoes fell the other way even though we lost in Nam. Today it's the Global War On Terrorism. Sadly if you ask most other people in the world who is the biggest terrorist on the planet they will say America. You Americans may not believe that but you haven't had your loved-ones bombed out of existence either unless they were working in NY on 9/11. Still to this day Americans do not realize this was a false flag attack by rogues within our own government. However, a wide majority knows something smells fishy about the excuses the government gave for their behavior on that day. The stink is the rotting corpse of our corrupt government ruling over a nation that has lost the guiding principles which kept us peaceful, prosperous and safe.

I don't know about the rest of you amigos but I don't want this government overseeing anything! I want them to regulate nothing! The top people in control are a criminals just like Al Capone and use the same violent tactics to work their insurance game on us. Wake up people! Take back your liberty before these snakes decide to kill us off because we've become too much of a burden on them despite their promises of nets of safety. Their safety nets are webs of entrapment with which to snare the weakest into a life of dependence and ignorance.


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