Monday, August 24, 2009

Winners And Losers

Collectivists have always advanced their movements by creating winners and losers in society. The scheme works by showing the winners while hiding the losers. When Medicare and Medicaid were created they were billed as helping the poor and the old receive adequate medical care while hiding the actual bill for this service. Even today the bill remains hidden by the collectivists right in front of the losers who are paying for it.

The collectivists use envy and fear to advance their ultimate goal of permanently being in charge. If this were not so then why have the biggest collectivist movement always wound up this way? The Nazis did. So did all the communists revolutions. Therefore it requires the collectivist rulers here to blame doctors, lawyers and the free market oh my...for the inability of many people to receive basic medical care to their liking. Just like it required the Nazis to blame the Jews for all of Germany's woes. Most Americans still don't realize that the reason their private medical and insurance costs have skyrocketed is because our collectivist government has shifted much of the costs for Medicare and Medicaid onto us by not paying the entire bill for these two collectivist programs. Then these same collectivists get us blaming each other for not being able to pay for medical care for our families. That's shifty collectivist government.

Cash for clunkers is another example of visible winners and hidden losers. The car dealers and happy car buyers have been all over the collectivist airways carping about the benefits of this collectivist swindle. I call it a swindle because our collectivist government has no means in and of itself to pay for cash for clunkers. They do so by artificially creating demands for wealth in the form of newly created Federal Reserve notes that diminish the value of all of our currency through this inflation. The losers run deeper than just the general public too. Especially punished will be the used car salesmen, mechanics as well as the suppliers and manufacturers of used car parts. All of those crushed car clunkers would have provided them with part of their living but they were destroyed by the collectivists.

The fact remains that cash for clunkers, Medicare and Medicaid are all collectivist schemes. Sometimes you may find yourself in one of the winning groups anointed by the collectivists like the people who wanted to buy their first home this year. They will each receive eight grand in collectivist cash for being in this predicament. However, for the families that were evicted from those homes - nothing but the sheriff at the door with collectivist eviction papers.

It is the above mentioned ass backwards thinking that is pushing this nation towards a second revolution and civil war. I know good and well that many of the new found patriots in these tea parties still want their government cheese, rent subsidy, Social Security checks or agricultural payments. I would venture to say that most tea party participants have never given the question as to what constitutes collectivism a second thought. Perhaps they should do so before taking up arms. If you are blindly taking the government's cheese you are one of the collectivists.

The answer to our nation's troubles is for everyone to realize the truth about collectivism as our founders did a couple hundred years ago. Thereafter no decent freedom loving American would dare accept any of the government's cheese because it stinks up the land of liberty! At that point the collectivist lose all power over us and we win the battle without ever firing a shot. Now wouldn't that plan be better than some bloody civil war mess?


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