Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Opinion

Everybody thinks they have an opinion. People will tell you their opinion without hesitation especially if they are American. Sadly, in most cases these opinions are in reality carefully crafted notions fed with the distorted pictures and words from the great deceiver - network television. The movie, Wag The Dog," is to me reality. If you think this is nonsense because you know what's really going on in the world today because you watch the news and stuff, you probably believe that those bloody Russians attacked Georgia causing all that destruction you witnessed on TV. You were wagged amigos. The destruction shown on all the networks was in reality a night time attack by the Georgian government itself on the people of this breakaway region who are mostly ethnic Russian. Here is what the reality of that situation is.

Sure the Russians settled in north Georgia during the days of the Soviet Union like we did on Indian land here in the US. But the USSR broke up leaving Georgia independent from mother Russia. Now this northern part of Georgia wants to be independent because there is much bad blood from both sides and they are in the vast majority. After voting to go independent from the Georgian government, the people of this breakaway region were attacked in the middle of the night by that government in an ethnic cleansing operation. In response to perhaps thousands of civilian casualties of ethnic Russians, the Moscow government sent in Russian troops to stop the Georgian army and give the people a shield. Would Russia prefer a separate country of mostly Russian ethnic people on their border? Certainly... Is the U.S. government backing the Georgian government because of that big fat oil pipeline running through the region? Of course.

The question however, is what should we do about this big mess? First you need to admit that you were duped again by our lamestream media. This situation is none of our business. Our business lies at the end of that oil pipeline and either side will sell us the oil because that's how it works. The only difference is who gets the profits. These games of international intrigue and deception are dangerous attempts at domination of the people of this planet by the hidden few at the expense of the many.

So don't tell me your opinion of why we must for example, torture these terrorists. The biggest terrorists are the ones doing the torturing. They are wagging you with media created boogie men to frighten you like little children so you will accept the unacceptable without thinking.


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