Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fidel's Stroke

Fidel's Stroke

Despite the junta's best efforts, it is clear now that I was right from the very beginning. During Fidel's operation last summer he had a stroke that cut off the supply of blood to his brain. He suffered brain damage and is now enfeebled with the mental capacity of perhaps a three or four year old. The pain killers he is given do not add to his IQ either. In fact the regime uses drug to control Fidel's behavior. When the regime made the announcement last year of the "transition" Fidel had not yet even developed the infection which he battled for months, perhaps even till today. No - the reason they made the announcement in July was because his doctors knew he suffered a stroke. They realized at that moment that Fidel could no longer be the spokesperson and leader of the Caribbean Cult of Collectivist Stupidity. To further their charade they show Fidel allegedly speaking with several foreign diplomats - none of which who speak Spanish and must rely on a Cuban interpreter to "interpret" what Fidel has supposedly just said. Notice how Fidel's eyes dart back and forth now as if he is searching for some boogie man in the background. Why the sudden paranoia jefe?

So Cubanos know this fact. You will never again witness Fidel Castro speaking live in public ever again. The junta will continue to dub video of current and old material. The regime will continue releasing doctored pictures and purported writings of Fidel. But Fidel can no longer read and write. It's doubtful whether he can even attend to his toiletry needs and other personal hygene.

What does all this mean for the cause of a free Cuba? It shows that the Cuban people are still being lied to and treated like the children of abusive parents. The junta is so chicken-shit about facing 11 million tired, angry, hungry Cubans without their front-man Fidel that they will do anything to act as if he is still at the helm. So get on the phone. Write to family in Cuba. Start tapping out text massages. Tell them Fidel has had a stroke and is now emotionally a child. Remind them that everything has been a lie with Fidel's life and he will eventually die surrounded by deceit. And scream bloody murder about how easily the big mainstream media muckity-mucks were suckered since last summer breathlessly publishing all the phony Fidel reports. In Matt Lauer's case he thinks it been almost two years now since Fidel fell down and couldn't get up. If it's any consolation to you Matty it seems like ten years since last summer for Cubans.


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Fidel IS a stroke!

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Donde se dijo eso ?

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