Monday, June 04, 2007

Kuban Keystone Kop Medical Care

Kuban Keystone Kop
Medical Care

There is plenty of evidence of how the "amazing" Cuban medicine operates if only Matt and NBC were to look. Read what happened to this poor tourist bastard before he finally died. The article talks about the facility a mile away where he could have been saved. But regular Cubans are not permitted at that facility and must use the clinic where the tourist died needing medical care.

"They finally decided to cut into his side to drain his lung, with no anaesthetic. They tried to insert a tube into him but it didn't fit . . . A doctor then picked up another from the floor and tried that. All the time an old lady was on her hands and knees mopping up the blood."


Blogger Vana said...

Poor bastard, he really got free medical care, the likes which is family am sure would like to forget

5:11 PM  

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