Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our Promise

Our Promise

Many people like Matt Liar will tell our Cuban brothers and sisters what we Cuban exiles will do to our countrymen on the island once Castro is gone. How about for once you know-it-alls shut up and permit us to speak for ourselves about this issue?

On the day Castro dies the Cuban exiles will do nothing - other than celebrating in the knowledge that this tyrant can never kill another Cuban again. Other than this we will do nothing. The ball is in your court Cuban citizens. We did not make the mess that you live in. We avoided and escaped it. Ultimately, you have been lied to and cheated by your own government that still attempts to force a failed socialist economic system down your throats. Why accept this fate when we promise you the following once you kick the tyrants from power and ask your brothers for a hand up:

1. We promise not to put one family out of their house once Castro is gone and will give Cubans something Castro never did - a title of ownership. Your new government will decide who from the old regime will be excepted from this.

2. We promise to bring over a billion dollars in aide immediately when you can vote for your representatives in government.

3. Tens of thousands of exiles will immediately travel to Cuba to personally work to improve Cuba. I will be there to lend my sweat equity to this effort.

4. We promise to support legalized private wealth creation and ownership. You will never again be forced to toil for the state at 50 cents a day.

5. We will give all foreign owned property like hotels to the Cuban workers and ban the former owners from coming to Cuba again to use beaches and other things that regular Cubans were banned from.

We are going to bring you so many marvelous things like cars, electronics and regular consumer goods like toilet paper! What are you waiting for Cubanos? Look...if you follow my economic plan, which by no means is the American model per se, you will very quickly build a broad, wealthy middle class of self reliant Cubans. In fact, you will be more wealthy than the average American very soon. What are you waiting for. You have my word.


Blogger Vana said...

And I will be there along with you Tomas to lend a hand for a new and democratic Cuba.

5:02 PM  

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