Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Castro's Matt Liar

Castro's Matt Liar

Did Raul Castro get some video of Matt Liar having sex with a little boy or something? I wondered because Matt Liar really came through for Castro this morning in Havana. He reminded me why I haven't watch network news in a long while. On this broadcast they said there was a "blockade" of Cuba by the US. It may be news to Matty but there IS NO BLOCKADE OF CUBA!!!!! Americans are not responsible for the low pay of Cubans. How can you make wealth when it is illegal to do so privately? Let me give Matty an example of how economics works in Cuba. For every geologist Raul supplies to Sherritt International for their mining operation in Cuba, Sherritt pays Raul $2000 per month. Then Raul pays the geologist $20 or $30 per month and pockets the difference. So how does this make America responsible for low Cuban wages.

Matty Liar also babbled the lie about Cuba having good health care widely available to the Cuban people. Talk to my Cuban friend Maria about that. When she was a teenager she was held down in a dentist chair while choking on her own blood to have her tonsils removed - without anesthetic. And since then Cuba's health care has gotten much worse.

Liars like Matty must be put on the black list. He must go on the list with all the apartheid tourists, foreign investors and others who help to impoverish and imprison the Cuban people. Once the Castro regime collapses in the very near future people like Matty Liar must be banned from traveling to Cuba for the rest of his miserable life!


Blogger Vana said...

My goodness Tomas, this is quite shocking, to have one's tonsils removed in a dentist's chair, and without anesthetic, my, this is very upsetting, poor girl

5:08 PM  

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