Friday, June 01, 2007

Execute Chavez

Execute Chavez

I am normally a peaceful man and abhor violence. But I am also a practical man. So I already posed then answered the question, "Would I have killed Hitler before the Holocaust if given the opportunity?" Very quickly I concluded he would be toast if I had my way. It is principled to operate in this manner and even the Bible says if a man comes to kill you rise up and kill him first. This is a million times more so with the tyrants of the world. Unfortunately, with Hitler, Stalin and Castro it is already too late. The victims are already dead and these perpetrators either dead - or in the process.

With respect to Chavez this is not the case. Let no one kid themselves. Look at the patterns of behavior of past tyrants like squashing political dissent by controlling the media. What newspapers did Gandhi shut down? When did Jesus send in street goons to break up political gatherings? You see, people who are truly noble and who have the people's best interest at heart do not have to rule through violence and intimidation. They organize through cooperation and even willingly give their life for their beliefs. They would never employ a palace guard of foreign Cuban mercenaries to protect them from their own people.

So I hope you will examine this question with calm analysis and I pray you reach the same conclusion as I. Hugo Chavez really does need to be killed. This may sound a shocking conclusion to many. Certainly most of all to the condemned man himself. I am calling on the world to execute Hugo Chavez before he can follow through on the horrible deeds which all enlightened people know will surely happen very soon. For those suffering from frontal lobe blindness and who must do all of their thinking with the reptilian brain, my apologies for shocking you. But saving many of you from Mr. Chavez's coming tyranny is my motivation. And I also believe in redemption and forgiveness. Hugo Chavez will certainly hear of this death warrant and perhaps even he, so lustful for power and personal wealth, could still take a step back from the abyss.

Is it worth your life Hugo? If you truly wish to build a peaceful, prosperous society then put down the guns, call back the goons, free the press and give us a call. If you really do want to help your people you are doing it all wrong. Remember the Duce, Hitler, Ceausescu and others who craved power. Their street death warrants were carried out except the Furor did himself in before the Soviets could have their way with him. That was a smart career move and I'd advise you Hugo to keep your cyanide pill handy as well. But you can still seek clemency Hugo. Your time is running out however. You have millions of potential executioners running through the streets of Venezuela right now. You may try to stop them but in the 21st Century atrocities are impossible to cover up like in the olden days. You commit an atrocity now and that will set off the rage of the mob. Then they will carry out your death warrant. Then again it could come from the military like with Pinochet. Frankly, Hugo, I don't know how you sleep not knowing the actual date of your execution? As for me I'd much rather have good health, good family and friends and a good night's sleep.


Blogger Fantomas said...

kill him tomas

2:31 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

So far it's unanimous.

3:27 PM  
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