Monday, December 03, 2012

Attacking Alex Jones

When you're getting flack you're over the target. I'm reading more and more attacks on Alex Jones. As terrible as these attackers say Alex Jones is, the bunch of them all were just recently ignoring him completely in hopes he would just go away.

Alex didn't go away so now the shills like Gordon Duff at have gone on the attack. Next when I point out this nonsense Duff accuses me of being a paid Zionist shill. For those of you who know me you can get off the floor now and stop laughing so I can continue to make my point.

That being now that Alex Jones is kicking the asses of the globalists and their shills, these inbred scum are desperate to discredit Mr. Jones. The main attacks are like the one in the These attackers claim that Jones isn't covering some angle regarding Israel so this is proof he is a supporter. Naturally, these shills hope you will never even listen to a word from Alex Jones especially not like I do. I listen to most of his words all the time. He has discussed Israel on many an occasion and the atrocities committed by all sides in the middle east conflict. Sadly you can't know this if all you know about Alex Jones is what somebody else says about him. That's not good enough for Tomas Estrada-Palma. In this world filled with high paid liars feeding us all crap I have to decide these things myself rather than listen to shills like Gordon Duff. In fairness Duff may be a simple dupe debilitated from his military service under commanders who treat soldiers like dirt. He could merely be another brain poisoned GI.

Some of the disinformation is really amateur.  It basically consists of taking snippets of Alex talking and cutting then splicing words together to get Alex to say anything the global scum want you to believe. Leno does the same bit on the tonight show. Again you'll never know unless you check Alex Jones out for yourself. You can go to or better yet watch him at
Prisonplanet usually gives you a free trial so put Alex Jones on trial and give him a listen for yourself.

Is Alex Jones perfect? No he's human but a rather decent one. My only real complaint is he gets too emotional, either in anger or in despair. But he's young and youth is filled with emotion. The older I get the more the nerve tissue gets burnt to a crisp. I can't get too emotional about it because we've got a job to do crushing the globalists. I've got little time for crying now.


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